Fancier FC-02H Fluid Head Review

Vimeo member Jonathan Nicol throws up a review on the Fancier FC-02H video fluid head. I guess this is supposed to be a step above the typical 717 heads. There's some samples at the end of his video review, and the samples do look smooth indeed. I couldn't locate this particular model on eBay, but it looks like the FC-02H head could be mounted on different tripods and coming up with different model numbers.

Fancier FC-02H

There's two different version over on Amazon, and from the image appears to be the FC-02H head (75mm Bowl Mount). Although these heads may provide smooth movements, keep in mind that bowl mounts are not the ones that make it easy for you to remove and use on Sliders. These are best used as just straight up fluid head sticks.

fancier fluid head tripod fc-02h
find-price-button Fancierstudio FC-270 Professional Pro Tripod

A more expensive version also exists, it appears to be the same head, but possibly a different Tripod.

Screen shot 2011-06-04 at 11.59.22 PM
find-price-button Fancier FC370 Video DSLR Tripod Fluid Head

25 thoughts on “Fancier FC-02H Fluid Head Review

  1. Vitaly

    if you will, is the question
    can the ball be disconnected from head?
    turning this head from a ball, in a flat base (with 1/4 (or 3/8))?

  2. Val

    Hi, does anyone know where I could find parts for the FC-02H, it seems that the screws came loose and I lost a few of the hinge locks, I have looked everywhere online and cant find anything, if anyone has any info or replacement parts that they can advise me on purchasing, would be highly appreciated!

  3. Vincent56

    Is anyone having difficulties with panning the head of the fc02h? It takes an enourmous amount of force to move it. So much that the tripod itself moves... And no, the bolts are loosened

  4. Miguel Caycedo

    Excuse my ignorance, im kind of new to this, I already own a Manfrotto 561BHDV-1, which i love using for the quick release plate. Im on the verge of buying a 717 fluid head but I'm confused as to what I could buy so that would enable me to use to the same quick release plate on both the monopod and the 717fluid head and this for me would be a brilliant set up. If anyone could point me in the right direction I would be incredibly grateful!

  5. Vince Ferguson

    Thanks for the great site! Extremely helpful!
    I already own a Fancier unit with the FC-02H head, and am about to mod a Smoothee. Am I correct in understanding that there is NO quick release base available that I can buy (at least that you know of) that will take the plate from this 02H head? I'd like to buy a quick release base to mount on the modded Smoothee that will take the plate I already have on my Panasonic TM-900. Or will I need to buy two new complete quick releases in order to accomplish this, mounting one to the FC-02H and one to the Smoothee?
    Thanks very much.

  6. Emm

    Post author

    @Vincent - Yes the first link is the 'bowl style' (don't get for sliders).
    YES you can mount an entire Manfrotto quick release system to the top of a 717 Plate.
    Looks like the 717 is in short supply. Here's a link to one on eBay:

    Normally it was going for around $70 bucks, but if the price is too high, you might be better off going with a 701HDV Manfrotto (click here) and there are different quick release systems already available for this.

  7. Vincent

    @Emm, thanks for your patience, its still not entirely clear to me.

    next to the fact that this make goes under quite a few names, there are actually different models too? a 717 with and a 717 without bowl. i havent seen a difference on the sites ive been looking at. for example:

    i guess this is the bowl mount? where can i find only the (correct) head that will fit on a slider... havent seen that on amazon, ebay, bhphoto or adorama.

    about the quick release plates, just to be 100% sure: you are saying there is no way to mount this QR plate including its base on top of the standard weifeng plate?


    on this:

    so, you'll have: 717 base with plate, on that plate you put the manfrotto QR base and the plate. screw looks the same...

    now we're on the subject anyway: could someone shed some light on the differences between the 717 and the 270. according to this review the 270 is the improved version of the 717:

    but this guy: httpss:// says that the 717 still feels better.

    on the 270 is actually cheaper than the 717...

  8. Emm

    Post author

    @Vincent - The 717 is available in 3/8" (under the head) mount and also a bowl mount. Do not get the bowl mount if you plan to use on a slider. BTW, those quick release adapters (complete) will mount to anything. The 'plate' will not work on anything else, and the 'base adapter' will not accept another 'plate'. Hope that makes sense.

    We made these quick release adapters to fit the 717 plates. (doesn't come with plate). httpss://
    You would mount this base to something else, and then you can move your camera from the 717 head to something else and just lock it in place without removing the plate from the camera.

  9. Emm

    Post author

    @Vincent - Any standard 3/8" mount fluid head will fit the slider. NOT the bowl style fluid heads. The Manfrotto quick release plates will not fit on the 717 heads.

  10. Vincent

    i got a couple of questions:

    as i see it now, the 717 fill fit on a slider. will the 270 also fit on a slider? here its says its not easy but on the vimeo page of the video above there is a comment saying it will probably fit.

    next: i hear a lot of people ask for quick release plates, but wont a quick release plate from manfrotto fit? thats true quick release, snap on/off

  11. Emm

    Post author

    @Tim - That's a big problem with Fancier equipment. They don't offer quick release adapters. The reason why we had to make a custom one for the 717 at I don't know of one for that Fancier Fluid Head.

  12. Tim

    Hey Emm, do you know of any quick release plates or bases should i say that are around that would fit the plate that goes into this tripod? the plate seems a bit skinnier than the norm and I can't seem to find a second base plate anywhere. I'm hoping to find one so I can use the same plate on various bits of equipment and not have to waste time changing them over

  13. Emm, Is this an improvement?

    Pros: Clamps instead of knobs on tripod to change length
    Adjustable mid level spreader

    Cons: The handle is short and fixed in length
    Of all the kits I could find there is nothing that exceed 5ft
    The pan/tilt knob is missing/replaced by a screw.

    The problem with chinese sellers is they don't respond. I am finding the 717 Kit at the same price of the Fancier 270 kit and when I asked the difference on all different chinese sites, all they did was copy pasted whatever is in the specification section of their websites..

  14. Mike

    I just got the Fancier FC-270 in the mail today. It's awesome! Came with a padded nylon case too. Maybe I'll do a youtube video review of it for everyone. Glad I saved some money and bought this instead of a Manfrotto.

  15. Emm

    Post author

    @Anthony - If it uses a standard 1/4-20 or 3/8" then yes, but this particluar Fancier (in the video) uses a bowl mount. This will not attach to a monopod.

  16. can i put the head on a monopod? looking for a nice head for monopod and a handgrip that can share same quick release plate. so i can switch between the two. i have the calumet in my shopping cart right now. looking for a head to put on the monopod. i see in the video this has a long stem. I see the 717ah head has a different quick release plate so it does not seem to work. ideas

  17. Mike

    I ordered the FC270 on amazon for $169 with free shipping. Saw a review on profotog out of AU. I like the feet on this tripod which look sturdy. I am looking for an extra quick release plate but can't find one anywhere. Please help...

  18. Rafael

    Can anyone compare thIS FANCIER fc-02h OR THE 370,470 MODELS WITH THE 717? the tripod feet on the fc-02h looks very good for keep the tripod steady.

  19. Stilsky

    Checked out on Fancier website. Second tripod (fc370) has fc-03 head which has different (round) counterbalance button and is heavier (1.7kg opposed to fc-02's 1.2kg). Also there is fc470 tripod with fc-04 head which has vertical and horizontal dumping - that looks and sounds great allowing much more versatile shooting but couldn't find a place to buy it.

    PS: I'm addicted to this site!!!

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