CS-Double Octopad Camera Strap Review

Double camera straps are definitely my choice. Having two cameras is faster than swapping lenses. Normally I have a 24-70mm on one side, and a 70-200mm on the other. I've had the Black Rapid double straps for quite some time now. At the time, it was the best thing I could find on the market, but I guess it's just a matter of time before someone else 'builds a better mousetrap'.

Rod sends in his review of the new CarrySpeed CS-Double straps, and there's no doubt it's definitely beefier than the BR's. The new CarrySpeed CS-Double padding looks pretty sweet too. Not very much padding over on the BR side. It's some rubber bubble type padding called Octopads to aid in grip and said to deter sweat by allowing air to vent. (I don't sweat much, not a problem for me).

Screen shot 2011-06-04 at 11.16.46 AM

Of course the real deal maker is a quick release adapter that still allows access to the tripod mounting hole - something my BR double strap totally lacks.

Screen shot 2011-06-04 at 11.32.18 AM

A tripod mount on a quick release adapter? Yeah this makes total sense. Even though these straps are convenient to carry two cameras, most pros still need quick access to a tripod or monopod. While the BR straps will run you around $130, the CarrySpeed CS-Double will only run you a nice $70 US. Actually just checked and the CS-Double is on sale right now for $54. [Thanks Rod]

Black Rapid
find-price-button Black Rapid Double Strap

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find-price-button Black Carry Speed CS-Double Strap OCTOPAD

12 thoughts on “CS-Double Octopad Camera Strap Review

  1. I received the Carry speed double strap about two weeks ago. I'm confident in the construction, and feel pretty safe hanging my 60D from it with a 70-200L lens. I do share the concern about the cameras freedom to swing; and in going low to the ground the potential to hit the floor is there with the camera you're not holding. But, that's just a matter of awareness.

    Haven't shot a wedding using the system yet, but I anticipate more ease in using these straps than in carrying two bodies any other way.

  2. I paid no more than $11 bucks for my single carry speed, the dual can be found for less than $30





    Although mine came with the tripod hole some including Emm did not receive this option. Here is a fix.


    While at it found 2 cheap LCD view finders.

    This one is $40


    This one is $80


  3. Emm

    Post author

    @Vajk - I wouldn't say it's crap, but the CarrySpeed would be the best as far as build quality and features. You don't realize how much weight two cameras + lenses + flashes are so the extra padding would be a much welcome feature. CarrySpeed is not a bad price at this moment too. I paid about $130 for my BR's way back in the day.

  4. Emm

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    @apostolos - Yeah for Photo gigs, it's much easier running with two cameras and different lenses. I have the Black Rapid stuff, but it's been years already. I've lost a few swivels and rubber connectors from their adapters because you have to consistently take it off.

  5. That looks sweet! I always have that problem when shooting weddings. I want to shoot the bride walking down the aisle with the 70-200 to fire as many shots as possible, in order to get two or three usable ones, but when she's at the altar and they're doing the "exchange" the 70-200 is too close, so I need to use the 24-70. And it's a pain dealing with the two cameras two straps, two flashes on them. So this seems like a sweet solution. I emailed Rapid whoever, the ones that make the original ones to see if they'd deal on the price at all saying (I found the Chinese one on Ebay, would you give me a break so I can go with you?" but they didn't budge. Now comes this, which seems to be improved on two areas.... Sweet. You da man, Emm.

  6. Emm

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    @Bruce Philpott - Good tip, assuming we're all using the same quick release plates. For photography, I can't use the Video Fluid heads.

  7. My cameras (& lenses with tripod mounts) have Manfrotto Quick Release plates under them, so the snaps on the BlackRapid straps hook on to them very readily. Another snap off and they're ready for tripod or monopod.

  8. I went with one of these similar straps and shot a wedding. My cameras kept banging around on my side and when I would lean down to get low shots, they would sometimes hit the floor. I didnt how restricted my movements were. I like to be able to move up and down very quickly without having to worry about where my other camera is hanging.

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