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Vimeo member Jonathan Nicol throws up a review on the Fancier FC-02H video fluid head. I guess this is supposed to be a step above the typical 717 heads. There's some samples at the end of his video review, and the samples do look smooth indeed. I couldn't locate this particular model on eBay, but it looks like the FC-02H head could be mounted on different tripods and coming up with different model numbers.

Fancier FC-02H

There's two different version over on Amazon, and from the image appears to be the FC-02H head (75mm Bowl Mount). Although these heads may provide smooth movements, keep in mind that bowl mounts are not the ones that make it easy for you to remove and use on Sliders. These are best used as just straight up fluid head sticks.

fancier fluid head tripod fc-02h
find-price-button Fancierstudio FC-270 Professional Pro Tripod

A more expensive version also exists, it appears to be the same head, but possibly a different Tripod.

Screen shot 2011-06-04 at 11.59.22 PM
find-price-button Fancier FC370 Video DSLR Tripod Fluid Head