ASXMOV Video Camera Stabilizer Vest Kit

Anyone know much about ASXMOV? It's another Steadicam like vest and Stabilizer kit. Pretty poor old school demo video (above), but none-the-less somewhat effective. A single unit shows up online with total pricing on the kit (including shipping), cost about $1100 less than Wondlan's new Leopard stuff.

find-price-button ASXMOV Video Camera Stabilizer Vest Kit

3 thoughts on “ASXMOV Video Camera Stabilizer Vest Kit

  1. Emm

    Post author

    @Robert - I'm not really following, I don't see why someone would need to upgrade an arm for better weight range. I don't think there are any vests out there to upgrade arms. They are all designed specifically for the arm in use. But yes, for DSLR use this would be fine.

  2. Robert

    To be honest,
    for the price this looks very tempting.
    However, there seem to be certain disadvantages (the Wondlan will most probalby have the same):
    - no standard connector (no upgrading to an arm with better weight range)
    - if there is any, the adjustment of the second axis on the camera plate looks like there is not much adjustment possible
    - short 2 section post (for most stuff will do just fine)
    - most certainly steel springs, which is fine for this weight range, but has some disadvantages

    For DSLR use, this will do fine, taken that all the bearings are aligned perfect. That seems to be the problem of most cheap stabilizers.

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