Canon announced new 1DX DSLR

All the rumors were true about Canon releasing a new camera (finally). The latest 1DX camera is a merger between the 1D and 1Ds high end professional cameras. According to the article at Engadget, the new 1DX will be an 18MP camera, have a top ISO of 204,000 and pretty average video frame rates and resolutions already available - (no full 1080 @ 60fps?).


The camera has a 61-point high density reticular AF system, 252-zone metering system, a 14 fps JPEG (or 12 fps RAW) burst mode, and really looks like it was targeted for the professional photographer. Video quality from the new full frame will be better than all other current Canon DSLR cameras with a few new compression methods, less noise, less moire, and aliasing, but the price tag of $6,800 doesn't seem like it will rock the DSLR video market as a game changer (for the average consumer).

It's an amazing camera on it's own right, but Sony and Panasonic are also continuing to release new cameras that merge DSLR and Video for a cheaper price. Wondering if they'll give us clean HDMI out too for capturing video externally? Hopefully you didn't sell off your 5D Mark IIs before this announcement expecting this would be your next camera (I'd buy it This certainly blows away expectations for Professional Canon Photographers, but I don't think this is the camera Canon had in mind specifically to rock the dslr video market. I think the next few camera announcements we hear from Canon will be the one HD DSLR shooters are all waiting for. ETA for 1Dx available in March 2012.

[source Engadget]

[Update] Here's from the Canon website on

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  1. Paul

    I got my invite to the announcement at Paramount, (I'm shooting can't go!) and the event (?) at Paramount the next two days after. I sense Scarlett killer, (though you can't kill something that doesn't exist)

  2. If you think about it, the 1Dx is nothing more than Canon's tacit admission of something we've all known for the past three years, that with the existence of a camera with the picture quality of the 5DmkII there was really not much of a reason for anyone to go out and buy the $7000 1DSmk3. Oh how I tried to stop a friend of mine from buying the 1DSmk3 a couple of years ago! These guys who make that new flip out monitor must be very happy with the form factor of the 1Dx! So, the 5Dmk3 will become Canon's highest megapixel DSLR. Now we have to wait until Nov. 3rd for the second chapter of the trilogy, the new video camera (the third being the 5dmk3 whenever it comes). Is it going to be 4k, or just an auto-focus with EF lenses? If Canon read the signs of the times correctly, it's going to be a 4k camera at least. Because the "revolution" IMHO was started by the 5dmk2 but was really carried out by the foot soldiers, which were the GH1 and the GH2 with inexpensive manual lenses and Vitaly's hacks. And the camera companies are merely reacting with cameras like the AF100 or the FS100 to the newfound confidence of independent filmmakers in the DSLRs with interchangeable lenses. So, Canon (and I am a Canon shooter) better have an ace up its sleeve on the 3rd, and RED better not make the mistake of trying to sell us a 6-7k Scarlet without lens interchangeability, as it has been rumored. The days of people paying through the nose for cameras marginally better than HDV, like the EX1 and EX3 are long gone (okay, I'm getting off the soapbox right now.)

  3. Joel

    I had heard talk that the Nov announcement was going to be more in the form of a more traditional 4k dv camera (not hdslr) to compete with Red....whose outspoken CEO Jim Jannard has taken a few shots at HDSLR makers like :

    "I fully expect the DSLR mfgs to get it right at some point. Make a non-line-skipping 4K camera. At that point, the difference will be RAW 5K and 6K vs. whatever they make. Until then, a line-skipping 1080P camera is just not in the running for a pro camera. Can you make OK images with a line-skipping 1080P camera? Sure. Should you be embarrassed? Yes. We are not in that business."

  4. Emm

    Post author

    @Paul - There were tons of rumors about a video camera that accepts EF and PL mount lenses. I'm fairly sure Canon is looking in this direction. Hopefully Nov. 3rd will be it.

  5. Paul

    I'm hoping Nov 3rd is all about a VIDEO camera. I love my 60D but sometimes you need a video camera, (headphone jack, what a concept!), Had thought I was getting the FS100 but now waiting to see what Canon has up it's sleeves on Nov 3rd so I don't have to spend even more money to use my Canon glass.

  6. Emm

    Post author

    @Darius - LOL, headphone jack. Good point. Another good reason why I don't think this was really meant to impact DSLR video. I think the new video features they are showing off in the 1DX are just an insight of what we can expect from the next camera they announce.

  7. Darius

    I am loving the new features, but I would still love to see higher 1080 frame rates, and can at least one DSLR have a built in headphone jack?

  8. Chris

    That ISO range is making me drool. But I do agree this isnt a MK2 replacement. 1080p at 60fps should be able to be attained at this point.

  9. stanperry

    Im excited to see some side by side mark ii footage ... and im with everybody who said they would would rather get the sony FS100 but your on the slippery slop on where you can do really great video or you can do great video and really great photos in the same camera ... Love the dual Card slots that a must , but what happens when your shooting a video with your new 30 min takes and it fills up the card 1 does it automatic end the file and start a new file ? and i hear the new intra codec is at 300/mbs thats got to be worth it ... and i am very disappointed in the non 60 frame 1080 hd movie capabilities they should have put in 120 fps @ 720 that would have been mouth watering ... really 60fps 720 ... ohh and i want to know where the noise starts at like the mark ii rule is do not go over 1600 ... I mean that dual digi 5 chip do well on noise reduction that could be a problem even for even dare i say scarlet ... I dont know ? will see what the mark iii has to offer ....

  10. Joel

    The "anti reflective screen making it easy to see your pictures even in bright sunlight" has to be making evf + loupe manufacturors around the world fairly nervous right about now...!

  11. Emm

    Post author

    @Paul - Hopefully it's not a leak. That would be really poor part on Canon's marketing team with a big 'spoiler alert'.

  12. Paul

    So this is NOT a leak of the early Nov Hollywood announcement and Canon likely has something more video focused for then?

  13. Emm

    Post author

    @Joel - The 1D line of cameras have always been reserved for professional Photographers. The 1D for fast sports, the 1Ds for studio. Even at the release of the 1D Mark IV it didn't have as much impact in the video market. The merge makes a lot of sense, and IMO Canon's 1DX is an amazing stills camera that shoots better video than before, but it's not there to really shake up the DSLR video market. The Canon 5D Mark II has been the best selling HD Video DSLR for Canon, and the Canon 5D Mark III (when released) will be cheaper than the 1DX, maybe with the same video features (or better). We haven't heard the last from Canon...

  14. Joel

    @Emm - Do u think Canon is just reaffirmng that video is a "throw in" on their flagship to accommodate news/sports photogs who also need to shoot a video clip to supplement their stills ... the same reason video was introduced in the first place years ago.

    So the Nov. Hollywood announcement will be a dedicated (4k?) film camera to address the motion picture industry (where they already announced the opening of a support facility).

    And us Hdslr schlubs will have to wait until 1st or 2nd Q 2012 to hear about a new 5D?

  15. Emm

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    @Matt - A few nice additions for Canon cameras, but at about 3 times the price of a 5D Mark II. Seems like you could already get those features in other cameras already available on the market and for cheaper.

  16. wow, that is freak'n intense.
    For no go on the video that's just an impressive camera. AND they didn't wait till November 3rd. EEECK! Can't wait.

  17. Joel

    Surprisingly low mp 1dx will have the ability to exceed 12 min internal record time and burn timecode .... but other than that, this seems to be primarily a still camera ... as you said. Lets hope the next 5D addresses our needs. Joel

  18. Nothing for dSLR video shooters?

    How about SMPTE code, removal of 4gb file size limit, two extra stops of exposure, incredible low-light performance, manual audio control, 29m59s record time, dual CF cards, and ethernet output for transfer?

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