Manfrotto LED Video Lights

When I hear the name Manfrotto, I don't normally think about lighting products. Well, Manfrotto has come out with a new line of LED video lights ranging from mini to medium sized. The largest LED count so far being only 84 LEDs. Fully dimmable from 0-100%, it also comes with a set of diffusers and gels to soften the light output or warm up the color temperature. Rated at 5600K, some versions of the new Manfrotto LED lights also have a Flash sync function for Still Photography. Sounds like they're stepping into LitePanels territory...

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18 thoughts on “Manfrotto LED Video Lights

  1. fen

    I also like the z96,cheap and good qulity.this new lights only hold a brand. the z flash modified from z96 with sync has the same qulity with the z96 and with more function,does anyone use the z flash? i want to get one.

  2. These manfrotto lights have been around ages. Jessops in the UK have stocked them for well over a year. They are pretty rubbish though. I'll take a Z96 over these any day and for less money.

  3. Ben

    I have purchased some Cree LEDs that mount into a normal 12v Bescor light or similar on camera light. Somebody could rig up 3 or 4 of these and get some serious light output. They come with the heat sinks, etc. Cree LEDS are WAY better. People are messing around with 10 year old technology, using .2 watt LEDs and stacking them, when stuff like this can be purchased. Maybe I will rig it up and do some comparison shots. It is incredibly bright for 9 watts.

  4. Hi Guys,

    I did a shoot in a night club using a 5d mk2 with one of these lights and a 60d with a UFO camp light. We where using the camp light for both cameras as the light out put of these Manfrotto lights are nothing close to a £6 camping light.

  5. Oh, and Aputure responded to me after I complained that their light had a green cast and they offered to send me another one, but if the flaw is with their LEDs, and the new one has the same cast, it's pointless. I'll let you know what comes of it.

  6. What I'm trying to say is, if they're both at that $300-350 range and the Switronix (btw, it's the first time I've heard of this brand, and I think they say they are US-based) is much more powerful and dimmable down to 5%, why not get that?

  7. I know, and they're in the same price range. It would be great as a hair light and if you look at their ads they claim exactly that, that you can put it on a stand as a hair light or even fill, or that it's powerful enough to have an impact outdoors, in daylight.

  8. Emm

    Post author

    @apostolos - The Manfrotto rated at 670 and the Swintronix rated 3800 lux. Big difference. The Swintronix would be a great little hair light or something in studio, but I find I don't even use any of my LED lights full power when it's 'on camera'. Nice to have the option though.

  9. j hanna

    So is litepanels going to sue manfrotto now?
    or are they just financially opposed to the cheaper alternatives.
    I'm sure the color temperature on the litepanels and manfrottos is closer to daylight that the chinese substitutes but if I had $4000 I'd grab the litepanels. I don't so I get the chinese subs.
    It's not like I would have normally bought the crazy expensive lightpanels and then changed my mind.

    btw I now have a no litepanels policy on my sets. None of my friends can afford them either...but it's nice just to have the policy. 😉

  10. grumpy

    Not that it really matters, but LitePanels and Manfrotto are both owned by the same company: Vitec Group. Vitec owns just about every tripod company, so they're used to their brands competing with each other.

  11. Alberto De Jesus

    Would be curious to see if LitePanels would attempt to sue Manfrotto.

    I still would rather a z96 over this. I admit that a pocket led solution would be great. Might try out Serge's instructables post to build one.

  12. please, don't use the number of LEDs as an indicator of how powerful a light is

    I've got a light that uses 40 0.02W LEDs, and another one that has only one 1W LED

    (not that I'm happy using power consumption as an indicator, either, as that also promotes inefficient designs; lumens is the way to go, but I don't know the specs of my lights in terms of lumens, that's how far we are from where we should be)

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