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Thanks to YouTube member chrisbourke for sharing some unusual shots with the Pico Flex Dolly. Here's another small post for those who were waiting on the Pico Flex Dolly 'Complete Kit' and International Shipping. For select countries you can finally purchase the complete kit which includes one 11" friction arm and Shark Camera Clamp. It's now available from ePhoto Inc. following the link below.

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22 thoughts on “Pico Complete Kit – International Shipping

  1. Wil

    Just got mine some days ago. Wonderful piece of equipment! It can easily hold the 5DMarkII + 24-70L 2.8!!
    Also tried with a much smaller GF-1 and works like a charm.

    Would love to see a Pico Jib now 😉

  2. That's epic! It's like an easily portable slider! I gotta get one of those!
    Really smooth shots!

    hmm... how would I use this to film skiing? I could bring some flat surface like a clipboard in my backpack. xD

    Really awesome, thanks!

  3. @Zane - Yes, I understand. Just that I am too blur to use vPOSTUSA. Must get use to these e-commerce stuff asap. Shipping cost is indeed a big turn off.

  4. @James - I already received my 3 Pico Dollies. Do note that I paid US$50 in total for the shipment of all 3 Pico Dollies and not just one. Also, when I purchased, I got it from Amazon (when it was directly available from PNC Store Amazon) then shipped to vPOSTUSA. There was no eBay option back then.

    But still, if you try to purchase more than 1 Pico Dolly and you'll realize instead of getting consolidated shipping fees on eBay, the shipping fee is doubled instead. It's ridiculous because I'm sure it's not going to cost US$90 to ship 2 Pico Dollies when I have gotten 3 Pico Dollies shipped to me for only a total of US$50.

  5. Tony

    Off topic...I agree with Kevin (on merit, not example given lol). Simply adding No Copyright Infringement Intended does not give one legal latitude to use other's music. I constantly see this and more and more as using it since there's really no enforcement.

  6. @Zane - I just ordered one to be shipped to Singapore. US$45 is the shipping cost. See the link I posted above.

    @Emm - Thanks for the confirmation. I almost ordered one from a Hong Kong dealer. He has something that look exactly like the Pico Dolly. Same price too!

  7. I'm glad I didn't hold out for the international shipping and went ahead with a mail forwarder (vPOSTUSA) service to get the Pico Dolly to Singapore.

    First of all, ePhoto Inc. is charging higher prices for the Pico Dollies than P&C is. Secondly, the international shipping doesn't ship to Singapore where I live (in fact, it doesn't ship to a lot of places.. so much for international).

    Thirdly, international shipping is crazy expensive and ePhoto Inc. is not offering consolidated shipment discounts. For example, I bought 3 Pico Dollies (1 complete kit, 2 dolly-only) and that would mean I have to pay full shipping fees for each Pico Dolly which doesn't make sense!

    Using the mail forwarding services, I only had to pay US$21 for shipping of the 3 Pico Dollies to my USA address, and then paid in SGD an equivalent of US$30 to ship all of the 3 Pico Dollies to Singapore. That's only a total of approximately US$50USD. Whereas ePhoto Inc. is charging around US$30 for shipment of EACH Pico Dolly. That would mean I would have to pay US$90+ for the shipment (they DON'T SHIP to SINGAPORE anyway)! That's crazy.

    I highly recommend anyone who are looking to get the Pico Dolly to outside of US to try and source for a reliable mail forwarding service. It's better than going to ePhoto Inc. as they are overcharging on their international shipping rates.

  8. kevin

    @Emm, yes the shipping fees are crazy, I'm also dreading the customs fees.
    Just placed my order now, hope to get it as soon as possible

  9. Emm

    Post author

    @Nikita Pavlov - International shipping fees can easily add up to $30-$40 dollars from USA depending on where it's going to ship. Just the way the market is, nothing to be done about that. BTW the Pico is about less than half the size of the Konova. Easier to carry, and also easier to roll on smaller surfaces (smaller wheelbase).

  10. Emm

    Post author

    @Tony - These units are now being sold by retailers and are also accounting for shipping international (crazy shipping fees). PhotographyAndCinema.com priced it only to cater to USA (cheaper shipping).

  11. kevin

    Even with his "***No Copyright Infringement Intended***"
    it is still infringing copyright...
    Just like how saying "no homo" doesn't work, jacking off to your buddy sleeping it still homo.
    That being said, F the outdated copyright system of North America.

  12. Tony

    Is it me or the price went up on the pico dolly? I thought it was in the $66-80 range? o_O $108 at the ebay link?

  13. Emm

    Post author

    @Joel - In his YouTube video details, there's information about the song. YouTube has also linked to the Song purchase.

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