W96 LED Light Updates

If you're not up to speed, there's a set of 96 LED lights on the market that didn't please many users. The seller Tony seemed to be a straight up guy and worked with all the buyers to accommodate any unsatisfied sales, while he worked to address some features. Serge received an early version from one of the LED lights in progress, but it doesn't seem to be picture perfect just yet. Although Tony seems like a very responsible seller who takes care of his customers, if this light can't totally outperform and outprice what's already on the market, I don't see a big shift. There's also a long written blog article over at Serge's blog found here. [Thanks Serge].

20 thoughts on “W96 LED Light Updates

  1. iP337

    @impoze F550, haven't done any tests but two usually last me through a 6-8 hour event but it is not on the whole time.

  2. Phantoine

    Ok guys sorry for the late response (and for my poor english). This is the first time I get back to this post since my last comment.

    Regarding the new unit, I can assure that it is a real improvement of the first W96. Their was some green glow before, especially in the shadows. Now it's gone, completely, and the color is very close to daylight and to the Z96 one.

    The flash is gone too, and the variation from min to max is smooth (it wasn't before).

    The construction itself seems solid and the plastic is very good quality. It is now perhaps a bit difficult to open the rear clapper when no battery is attached to it, but this is a very minor issue.

    All in all, it seems that the W96 is a good unit, especially considering its cheap price and the successful efforts made by Tony to deliver something very close to the Z96 in terms of light performance.

    Have a nice one!

  3. I received my new version W96 LED today and I think it's good! Not green when dimmed, quality seems fine. I don't have an original Z96 to compare it with, but for Tony's price I think this light is great!

  4. Tony Zhang

    Hi All dear customer,

    how are you!
    all the replacement new LED were sent out, I'm sure most of you must had received it.
    if you have any comments on the new LED light, just let me know, then I will listen with open ears...thank you!

    to Phantoine:
    it's my responsobility to work with your for the previous LED light. you are welcome!
    by the way,just like Webben said, would you like to share your comments on my new LED light? thank you so much!

    Tony Zhang

  5. Phantoine

    Just to say I received the w96 upgrade last week. Last July I followed Tony's instructions and asked him for another unit in replacement of the "defective" one (I didn't turned it out).

    Haven't tried this new unit yet, but wow, Tony's customer service is incredible. Thanks man!

    (I'm sure I'm not the only one that received his w96 replacement.)

  6. I concur, Tony's customer service is outstanding, too bad at first we did not believe him. He has kept me informed every step of the way and I have provided him in return with all the small details we look forward in a product and he is making sure those changes are made even if at a cost of redesigning the units.

    I think the final product will give you a perfect Z96 competition at a lower price.

    He also has some very cool future products coming soon which I look forward with anticipation an an awesome price.

  7. Tony Maceo

    Yes, Tony has been better in customer attention than some USA-based fortune 500 companies I dealt with before. With that service and commitment to making a better product, I'm sure he will find success and satisfaction from us buyers. We not a reseller of this W96? Tony couldn't find my sales history. Its mase305. Guanxi!

  8. SkunkWorks

    If you want full control over dimming of LED's and don't mind going through an external unit you can use the same Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) controllers that most of us are using to control the speed of our DC motor motorized sliders. That's probably even a more common application for those things (for LED dimming) than motor speed control. You need this type of controller to dim LED's because you can't just drop the voltage on LED's or they won't work. If you get one that operates at a high frequency like the 30kHz one I use on my Igus slider there won't (shouldn't) be any flicker.

  9. They do last quite long for me, I have left the first batch on with the sony battery for 3 hours and 20-ish minutes on high power. lasted about about 5 hours an 12 minutes on the 12V battery Pack.

    These are lasting me longer than the Z96 which would give me about 3 hours max on the Sony battery...

  10. for the battery for the LED light.it depends on your battery capacity, as you know, if the capacity is larger, then the LED light can last longer,no mater the AA battery or Lithium battery.
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  11. Nick

    Just got my test unit in. Could echo the words of Serge. The one negative I have is that the battery door is a paint to get open. Like it needs to be sanded a little so it can swing open freely. Had to basically edge a screwdriver in there to free it open. Beside that(may loosen up over time), it still glows green on the inside and my dimmer using a rechargeable seems to have a little better range.

    Fix the few issues and I'm excited to get the new units in.

  12. mike_tee_vee

    Question on LED lights in general, what battery power lasts longer: AA NiMh, or Lithium batteries like the Sony NP?

    Do battery types affect the quality of light?

  13. Sheldon

    Well until now I havent gotten my old W96 order.. ordered from July 19th and still nothing. I guess that out of tony hands... maybe it got lost or something.

    Tony emailed me say he is going to send the new updated version.

  14. I think if he fixes the issues that are haunting him from the first batch and gets them corrected before he sends out the second batch with the right price he should be able to sell a lot of them. He just needs to get it working like the Z96 and with his prices he should be able to kill the market.

  15. I definitely still have my heart on the Z96 but these are improving, so I'm going to give it a chance before I stock up on at least a couple more Z96, who knows what this Light panel case will do to the ebay sales of the Z96 or any LED lights for that matter.

    Tony wrote me earlier and said the dimming issue is with a transistor he took out which caused the first batch to over heat but also cut down the dimming, he is going to send me some info on how to remove it on the first batch unit and how to improve it on the second unit, it will still leave me with greenish tinted LED's but its better than nothing.

    The rest of you should be getting a great deal.

    if he can just get the dimming back t

  16. No no no! Thank you! Emm 🙂
    I agree about it being cost effective and making a dent at the same time, I really am hoping he does well with these units. He also has a couple of other barn door units in the works which if made just right and in time he can sell many before this new Light Panel import block takes effect, we shall see.

    He also sells those off bran wireless flash triggers no TTL yet but for $12 including shipping not bad, TTL in the works.

  17. Mickey Jones

    Seems better but still some problems to be resolved. Like the rubberized coating if its durable like on some cell phones.

    I just received an original Z96 and it works every bit as good as some of the Litepanels I tried in B and H. I'm thinking about picking up another one.

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