Pico Flex Table Dolly Standard Fluid Head Quick Camera Clip

Jason wanted to see the 717AH fluid head mounted to the Pico. Here's a video clip showing the mount and how much area is left. The 717AH has the same base diameter as most video fluid heads so a variety should be able to fit without issues.

Now going back to using friction arms, many people have asked about a way to mount their iPhone or similar HD Video device. Here i'm showing a universal quick camera clamp that can adapt to literally any cellphone or small camera. There is very little spring tension so it won't crush your device. The device stays inside the clamp through the angled design and with rubber grip pads. I also show my Sony HX9V mounted to the clamp. We're hoping to make these clamps available at PhotographyandCinema.com soon.

12 thoughts on “Pico Flex Table Dolly Standard Fluid Head Quick Camera Clip

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  2. Aaah what a tease. Please do announce it on your blog when you can ship internationally. Being up in Canada is always such a sad thing for buying stuff from the states lol

  3. Emm

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    @Apostolos - Yes once the full size head is on you can't mount the arms. You could of course just mount your light on the camera, or mount the friction arm from the hotshoe of the camera.

  4. Emm

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    @Renato Murilo Langona - As soon as the first batch starts shipping, international will open up. Trying!

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