Pico Flex Dolly Update

A quick update about the Pico Flex Dolly. The first batch of pre-orders have already been completely purchased and should begin shipping (estimated) September 12th. The website is still taking orders for the next batch that should ship about 5-7 days after the first batch.

Here's some important information. The wheels might be a bottleneck for production until the supplier can catch up. We were able to make another small volume batch order very quickly before they ran out. So as of now, there is a limited quantity of complete Pico Flex Dollies available in the second batch. They are moving pretty quickly, so consider getting an order in while it's there. We are also hoping to make International Orders available this week. Found at https://photographyandcinema.com.

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28 thoughts on “Pico Flex Dolly Update

  1. Sam Rochelle

    I want one so much! I just cant find where to pre order it and on cinema and photography it shows no where to pre order! hELP!

  2. y2j

    Got my pico dolly today right before I had to head out to work. I am afraid it is a tad too small to fit my Panasonic HPX 370 I use at work so I will have to wait to play with it until I get home.

    First order of buisness will be making some sort of track/rails that I can use that will make the dolly into a sled or sorts for when I want to do a slider style shot.

  3. Emm

    Post author

    @Musouka - No other options but the friction arm at this time. I'm not handling the shipping, but the idea is to make it available everywhere.

  4. Musouka

    Thanks, Emm. That's good to know. I was just wondering if the international shipping would be limited to certain countries or will cover many (Middle East here)?

    Please excuse my ignorance, but besides friction arms, what other options are available?

  5. Emm

    Post author

    @Musouka - The price starts at only $65 dollars. There will be international shipping and a new inventory will be available soon.

  6. Musouka

    I was searching for some reviews for "Duracell Compact Flash 600x" and happened upon this site. To my surprise and delight, I discovered this new dolly....

    Yours is a really interesting product. It's more compact, easier to handle and more straightforward than Cineskates (which I have pledged on merely days earlier.). If I can purchase one of these before October 14, I will definitely cancel my Cineskates pledge. I keep reading it's cheaper but I don't see any pricing information anywhere (still I don't imagine it would cost as much as the full Cineskates system).

    The problem, of course, is that I'm one of them international buyers. I imagine shipping overseas is quite a headache. So I have been thinking... I have this mail-forwarding address in the New York, which I have been using for my Amazon purchases (and some of my eBay purchases) for the last 7 years. Would you be willing to ship to that address (different from my billing address)?

  7. Emm

    Post author

    @Patrick P. - I'm not sure, but nothing has been shipped yet. Shipping should begin in the next few days, estimated the 12th.

  8. Hi Emm,

    I had a friend of mine who lives in San Francisco order in my place due to no international shipping back then.

    He places the order on September 1st. Will his order be first batch or second or which?


  9. Ron

    Just got an email this afternoon....must be one of the early ones on this guy.Got Shipping details
    Mailing date: Sep 8, 2011
    Shipper: U.S. Postal Service
    Service type: Priority Mail® (2-3 days)
    Shipping Status: Shipped
    And since I have everyone's attention:Looking at purchasing a Rode Videomic Pro....will this mic pick up the IS noise from lenses in the shoe and if so how far away does it have to be not to get the noise.

  10. Emm

    Post author

    @Omar - The friction arms are fairly standard. You can also order them on Amazon httpss://cheesycam.com/friction-arms-back-in-stock/.

  11. I ordered from the first batch, but I did not order a friction arm. Is it too late to order a friction arm and receive it with the first batch?

  12. J Toha

    Looking compact and great. And for sure, I'm really glad you priced it a lot more competitively than the rest. That itself is a deal-sealer. Not doubting the functionality either. In any case, I'm waiting eagerly for the international shipping option. Hopefully, it won't be much too 😀

  13. Jayhas

    Neat package. Just waiting to hear the word 'go' for International. Glad that it is going to be sooner than I first thought.

  14. Gary C

    I canceled my Cineskates pledge to buy this for the following reasons:
    1. Less expensive
    2. It is available sooner
    3. Doesn't require a Gorillapod
    4. Smaller footprint
    5. Ability to attach additional items (lights)
    6. Two axles seem easier to align than 3 wheels

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