Varavon Loupe EX + Supporter

Varavon shows it's latest Loupe EX Solo View Finder on a Canon 60D. The Loupe EX Supporter (metal bracket) was designed to work on swivel LCD cameras such as the GH2, 60D, T3i. Without the Supporter bracket, the new Loupe EX can be mounted on cameras using a metal frame at the tripod mount. The Supporter bracket is not yet available through B&H, but the Loupe EX Solo are already available (click here).

varavon ex-solovaravon view finderScreen shot 2011-09-15 at 8.50.48 AM
find-price-button Varavon New EX-Solo View Finder

6 thoughts on “Varavon Loupe EX + Supporter

  1. Tony

    I have the neoprene swiview/3x viewfinder for my t3i and it works great. While the Canon build quality at the hinge is good I sometimes thing about the long term. This looks like it offers some support again pressure and bumping around. Side note: That bad interlace video was really disturbing. Great way to take away the profession appeal of this product. Someone needs to be fired for letting this promo video represent them. lol

  2. gene

    I have the 60D with the Z finder with Gorilla plate. When I need the screen to swivel, I just unscrew the 2 red screws and take off the frame. Takes about 1 minute and it's very simple to do. Then swivel away. Takes about 1 minute to put it back on also.

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