Express35 EVENT Rig – Second Handle

If you've been planning to pick up the EVENT rig from (old video review above), and wanted to add in an extra handle there's a deal going on. Actually the deal even extends to those who've already purchased the EVENT rig. Personally I find this is an important handle to add if you want to set the rig down on the floor and also adds much more stability when in use. Just check in with for details.

Express35 EVENT Rig with two handles + MatteBox

3 thoughts on “Express35 EVENT Rig – Second Handle

  1. @Lumpy,

    The deal depends on what you are buying.

    Use the "Contact Us" link on the website to let me know what you are interested in. I'll let you know what kind of discount we can do.

    Free shipping, discounts or free upgrades are possible. It all depends on what you buy.


    Chris -

  2. Eirik

    Thinking about selling the Jag35 field runner for a Express35 Rig.
    Looks way more sturdy and better quality wise.

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