Update Konova Slider Legs

If you've been under a rock, Konova has updated their popuar slider with a set of new Legs. You can find the video here: http://cheesycam.com/first-look-new-konova-dslr-video-slider/

Konova Slider with new Adjustable Leg / Feet

If you're rocking the old set of Konova Sliders, you can get the leg upgrade kit over at their website following the link (click here)
Konova Leg Updates
find-price-button Konova Slider Leg Update Kit

9 thoughts on “Update Konova Slider Legs

  1. @JHanna Yea good point ha I just stuck some sticky clear pads under where the legs go and it took the twisting away. I mostly use the slider on my tripod anyway. Love the thing!

    although there is sometimes a jolt here or there

  2. J Hanna

    I just got the "old model"
    whats wrong with the legs? I like the legs. I have a washer on my key ring for tripod plates...same thing I use for the legs.
    I ain't spending 60 bucks on that.

  3. Ted H.

    Awesome... but doesn't look like they have it up on their site yet... or wrong link...Any idea how much it will be???

  4. Hey Emm,

    FYI, the link you posted doesn't take you to the update kit. You might want to update the link to go directly to the update kit if you can with their affiliate program links.

    Otherwise, people can just search for "slider legs" on their website to find the update kit. The price is $60.00, BTW.

    -Darin Fong

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