DIY HDMI Lock – HDMI Port Saver

Current off the shelf HDMI port savers a.k.a. HDMI Locks for DSLR cameras are quite expensive. Here, Vimeo member Kenrik March shares a simple method to lock down your HDMI cable. The simple clamp will prevent your cable from being shifted left/right/up/down/forward/back. The use of clamps and spud may not line up perfectly with every HDMI output port on every camera, but it's a good starting idea on how you could go about making your own and refining the process. [Thanks Kenrik]

Cheesycam HDMI lock
Cheesycam DIY HDMI Lock

I was actually working on my own version which uses a 15mm OD Collar around an HDMI cable. Once the collar is placed onto the cable, the collar then sits inside a 15mm 90 degree clamp. The clamp obviously can be adjusted to fit any camera in the world, but you'll need a set of rods to use this technique.

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  1. Wissam Sabra

    I Love the idea BUT couldnt quite pick up the names of the items used.

    Could someone please type them down in this section? or provide us exact with links on eBay or Amazon?


  2. J Toha

    Thanks for sharing, Emm. I have a couple of Gini rigs 90 degrees clamp but have yet to try it out as a port saver.

    Now I'm not a Zacuto-affiliate but I think Steve was just trying to defend himself from being labeled as highway robbers. To be fair, he didn't force any of us to buy his products, so that label isn't totally spot on lol.

    Zacuto's Pincher is catered for as many DSLR/cameras that have mini-HDMI port on the left side (mounted on Gorilla plate), so it was built to be future-proof. And it's lifetime-warranty so anytime it breaks we can always be assured they'll replace it to us somehow.

    Although I respect Zacuto's workmanship, Steve, I also relate to the rest of the guys here who are serious hobbyists/budget filmmakers in our gear purchases. You stated your stand before, but I still believe that if you choose to sell it at even 25-30% cheaper, you'd get a lot of happy fans and buyers, and still make decent profits as a company.

  3. Kenrik


    Interesting.. Zacuto always seems to attack "Non american companies" for "Stealing patents" Let's not forget patents are issued on a country by country basis. Great you have a patent for XYZ in America but unless you went through the process in every other country ANYONE can be making a similar product and sell it with the same rights/claims to it as you do. Internet, Worldwide Economy, get with it.

    For all you know a company somewhere else could be on the other end saying Hey! I was making these Camera Rigs/EVFs/HDMI Port Savers before Zacuto and that cheap American Company is stealing my stuff.

    Slave Wages? Do you really think South Koreans make "Slave wages"? last time I checked Soul was one of the most modern cities around. The (South) Koreas are 5+ years ahead of us in network infrastructure.

    If you have your high end market why should you care if the low end is purchasing from somewhere else? The LED light panels lawsuit times to mind.. They are trying to kill/ban other brands with a patent claim from a product that is totally generic! "I'm going to take a LED and use it for Photography ~ Now I invented something!"

    Are Zacuto EVFs made in America with 100% American Made Parts?

    Focus on the customers, forget about the competitors.
    Customer Centric companies will always win. Period.

    Everyone here including the DIY Guys ARE YOUR POTENTIAL CUSTOMERS. We may not have the budget now to buy your stuff but when one of us makes the next "Blair Wich Project" and suddenly has the funding to purchase a bunch of your stuff but remembers back on how your company reacted in the comments section of a blog post, where do you think his money will go?


    You need to earn your customers business, for me at least you're already two steps behind.

  4. kevin

    Nope, Zacuto did not invent the 90 degree clamp. Or the map Loup, nor the camera shoulder support and even less a wireless lcd screen.
    You just chose to market it for 300 times the manufacturing price.
    Companies who exploit and choke small markets make me sick. Price is king, so you will always loose to china in the end. Sure you can sell enough units to stuff your pockets, but they will sell 20 times more and grow loyalty to no name products.

    You make fine products, but you sell the equivalent of a $5000 watch, when my timex has been with me through the toughest of times for 20$.

  5. imgpro614 it's nice how you like companies who don't honor American Patents and trade dress, who steal our innovation and make duplicate copies of our products in China, India or Korea paying people slave wages all so you are happy. Well done you!!!

    We are not highway robbers. You are obviously a DIY guy and that is fine but we sell our equipment to pro's in the industry who are making a living in film and video and to them our products are cheap compared to the Chrosziels, Arri's and other mainstay brands.

  6. imgpro615

    great way to knock the wind out of Zacuto's zails...overpriced highway robbers...brilliant kit they have but at hollywood greenlit prices...shame on them and redrock and cavision and cinevate and that lot...

  7. Nice stuff. I really only just use a 90 degree mini hdmi to hdmi, and it's low enough profile that you don't bump into it. It'll still damage it if you do, so a port saver is probably still the best.

  8. Thanks, Kenrik and Emm! I made one from components on hand. Mine has a lot more cable between this strain relief and the camera, but the port is now far less vulnerable.

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