Using Camera Mode on MustHD LCD Monitor Prevent Recording Delay

A few DSLR Video cameras output a 1080i signal from the HDMI port for previewing, but the moment you hit record, the HDMI out drops down to 480 SD. Maybe the camera doesn't have enough processing power, or maybe there's some type of conspiracy going on. Either way, most LCD monitors will blank out for a second as it needs to detect the new video feed. A few monitors over the years have added certain features to prevent this, and you just need to find the right mode. In this video i'll show you how it's done on the MustHD M-501 HDMI LCD Monitor.

So if you are shopping for a monitor, and you happen to have a camera (mostly Canon) that drops the HDMI resolution when you hit record, make sure the monitor has a feature like this to prevent those types of drop outs. Hopefully this has been helpful.

3 thoughts on “Using Camera Mode on MustHD LCD Monitor Prevent Recording Delay

  1. TheObiJuan

    So how useable is the image on the M-501? It's too bad the monitor doesn't share the 5.6 and 7 inch models' 1280x800 and instead uses 800X400.

  2. John

    Thanks Em for that info.

    Where can I buy a similar mini-hdmi cable that is a right angle and that short? Hopefully it is not too expensive either.

  3. Just for another option: Magic Lantern has a fix for this built into the firmware. You can turn on an option that forces 480 out of the HDMI at all times, even when in standby - that way, the monitor doesn't have to resync with a new signal when you stop/start. Works perfectly, but you lose the higher-res preview.

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