Protune 2.0 Firmware Update for GoPro Hero 3+ More Manual Settings

When the GoPro Hero3+ was first released, many current Hero3 users did not find enough to go for the upgrade. Now if you are a serious GoPro camera user, this new firmware upgrade (only available for the Hero3+) adds more manual control over your final image and should change your mind. Here's a video showing some of the new features.

Picking out a few stand out features we now have more control over White balance including CAMRAW under Protune. The GoPro is still auto exposing, but you have options to 'limit' the ISO so that the Hero3+ does not boost gain (increase noise). While the GoPro Hero3+ attempts to auto expose the image, you have EV compensation to purposely under / over expose. Finally you have control over in camera sharpening. To make changing settings easier, make sure to download the official GoPro App.

The new GoPro Hero3+ Cameras Are Shipping Now.

If you think the original Hero3 will be getting the same firmware upgrade, don't hold your breathe - it might not happen. So for serious cinematographers who use the GoPro, there's no doubt all of these new features for maximum image control distance the Hero3+ from the original Hero3 enough to easily justify an upgrade. If you haven't already upgraded the firmware, check out the support page from the GoPro website (click here).

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16 thoughts on “Protune 2.0 Firmware Update for GoPro Hero 3+ More Manual Settings

  1. Thomas

    Got the Hero3+ Silver from Sams Club. Upgraded the wifi and firmware to 3.02. No Protune! Lousy video and picture. Not ultra hi def at all. Big rip off. Will sell it and go to Hero 4

  2. soren

    why does the gopro hero 3 silver edition have protune when the gopro hero 3+ doesnt have protune! shouldn't the "+" be "better" wtf. so annoying.

  3. Manny

    Seriously, this update is so un-sexy.
    It takes out all the fun of having a GoPro.
    This camera is all about being in the moment and not thinking about camera settings at all.
    Sure, some people might find use in this upgrade, but it's in no means mind-boggling. New options are'nt so revolutionary.
    Thanks, I'll stick to my GoPro3 Black.

  4. Sven


    I even canĀ“t start the download. I entered the serial-number, name, email-adress and clicked "next".
    The screen is changing and then: nothing... a big black box on the gopro-website.
    Are there problems with the server?

  5. the 3+ is considered the professional version by GoPro (according to their websit), the 3 is only semipro.
    from their point of view, it makes perfect sense to make professional features available only for their professional camera.

  6. Cellarboy

    Given there's very little difference in the SOCs between the 3 and 3+ there's really little reason (except for forcing upgrades) why the 3 couldn't have some of these features ported to it. It's the Apple mentality of software updates.

  7. Joseph

    This is absolutely a shitty thing NOT to have the same update for the HERO 3 Black. I have -3- of them plus LCD backs - why can't I upgrade MY INVESTMENT in GoPro. ANY type of manual exposure control is critical to have. Really, really pissed if 1,000's of Black 3 owners are left out on this update!

  8. Emm

    Post author

    @Hristijan - Pull the battery out to reset it, or put it on a charge. I have already upgraded several Hero3+ cameras (black edition), no issues for me.

  9. @emm , i don't think it does have the protune option, I know its only for the black edition, but the page say that the update is applicable to the silver and black editions. I guess i'm wondering what the update did for the silver edition.

  10. Emm

    Post author

    @jeremy - I don't think the Silver Hero3+ has Protune. Have you ever seen this option?

  11. is this upgrade only applicable to the gopro hero 3+ black edition? I have the sliver and i downloaded it and i'm not seeing any new options?

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