Kamerar QV-1 M LCD View Finder for Mirrorless Systems

For mirrorless shooters the built in EVF works wonders for photography. Still many will prefer to work with the rear LCD display and an LCD View Finder Loupe for video work. The problems is trying to find one that fits since typical mirrorless bodies are so compact. The new Kamerar QV-1 'M' is a spin off the current QV-1 View Finder but with a new baseplate designed to take up the extra distance. Here's a closer look in this video below.

This new baseplate is not just compatible with small cameras like the GH3, but should be seamless for the upcoming Pansonic GH4. Heck, it might even work with that new Nikon 1 V3 just announced. Here's a few images below on how the Kamerar QV-1 M LCD View Finder also mounts perfectly to another very popular camera - the Sony A7 / A7r.

Kamerar QV-1 M on Sony A7
Kamerar QV1M LCD View Finder Sony A7 Mirrorless Gh4Sony A7r A7 LCD View Finder Loupe Kamerar QV-1 M

With the extra space compensated for, other small compact cameras will have an easier time getting this LCD View Finder to mount up. [Sorry still won't work for the BMPCC Camera] The QV-1 Quick Release Base (QB-15) allows a simple way to add 15mm rails to a compact camera system. More info following the jump (click here).

find-price-button Kamerar QV-1 M LCD ViewFinder for Compact Cameras

QV1 15mm rail kitQV1 Quick release base plate
find-price-button Optional 15mm Rail Kit for QV-1 M

40 thoughts on “Kamerar QV-1 M LCD View Finder for Mirrorless Systems

  1. Diego

    Hi!. Do you know if it works with the MTB SpeedBooster?. I dont know if the size of the plate fits, so you dont need to attach it to the MTB. thanks

  2. Francisco

    Thanks for this review. Do you know if this will fit a G7? If not, do you have other LCD viewfinder you can recommend for my G7? Thanks. Your reviews are always very helpful.

  3. T2

    @Emm - That's unfortunate. Great for Honu cage owners though. It would be great if Varavon made viewfinders that fit on the outside of their own cages.

  4. Emm

    Post author

    @T2 - No I don't think it would work that way. The Varavon Armor cage may not allow it to line up properly.

  5. T2

    Emm - Sorry to revive this old thread. Will this viewfinder work with the GH4 Varavon Armor cage like it does with the Honu cage, or does the integrated base plate on the bottom of the Armor cage prevent that?

  6. Mark

    I would like to use this with a GH4 with the audio interface unit in place. Any options for that? I am not seeing anyone adress that issue. And most units intend to bolt to the bottom of the camera. So with the interface it either needs to be off set, raised up..? Use of raised rail maybe?

    Any info would be helpful. Would like to get one asap!

  7. Martin

    Hi. I have a GH4 in a smallrig medium cage. There is a way to fit this viewfinder on this cage? Thank you

  8. Jiri

    These VFs are useless especially for tall people. You should be able to tilt it up.
    Not really good design.

  9. Emm

    Post author

    @valdi99 - Interesting. Do you have additional photos or a video to share this info a bit more clearly?

  10. valdi99

    Originally the VF frame is positioned too much to the left side of the BMPCC LCD screen. So you can't see how much battery power left (expressed in %). But here is the trick to make QV-1 work much better with BMPCC!

    All you need to do is to unscrew 2 of 3 screws at the bottom part of the viewfinder mount. But only those 2 on both edges - DON'T disassemble what holds the middle screw! Take out this part, turn it upside down, then screw it back where it was. After turning upside down this part (that holds a tiny thing that clips into the magnetic socket of a baseplate) it will allow you now to position whole VF more to the right, so it will cover almost all screen (except 2-3mm on both sides). It can be done because the tiny thing is non-symetrical, so without that trick, the VF can not be positioned symetrically to the screen of BMPCC.

  11. Daniel

    Thank You. Wanted to confirm. I plan to buy the qv1 and the qv1m baseplate so I can use the viewfinder on my Canon 6d and my preordered GH4.

  12. Emm

    Post author

    @Daniel - I covered this in the video. YES it's the same but with a different baseplate.

  13. Iain Thomas

    Really would love to hear if anyone comes up with solution of making the QV1 anti twist underneath the honu cage, like I said I've got a regular 501 plate underneath there at the moment locked in with the register pin and the rest of my kit is mostly 501 quick release, tripod ,monopod, shoulder rig etc and great to know that nothing going to twist out of position. Would be sweet to have that security with the qv1 plate

  14. Emm

    Post author

    @seenematic - From what I heard, it will be up this week around $25 for the baseplate.

  15. Emm

    Post author

    @Ron Baseslice - It has a little, but from what others say, it may not be too significant. Here's a few comments from an earlier post from other people about the QV-1: httpss://cheesycam.com/burn-test-kamerar-qv-1-lcd-viewfinder/#comments

  16. Ron Baselice

    Does the view finder have + or - diopters adjustment for us who have less than perfect vision THanks Emm

  17. Emm

    Post author

    @Kepano - Yes the Kamerar QV-1 M LCD View Finder will fit, and it will not obstruct the battery door on the GH2. Works great.

  18. Kepano

    Thanks for the overview. Will the battery door on the GH cameras clear the plate? Having to remove the plate during a shoot in order to change the battery is a nuisance.


  19. iain

    @Emm - ok thanks thats a shame though that everything is so locked down in the fhughen cage and no way of doing the same with the QV 1 plate

  20. Emm

    Post author

    @Harold - The QV-1 M has a baseplate with a 1/4" thread underneath, similar to the camera body. So whatever your setup is now, can probably just be mounted directly under the QV-1 M base.

  21. Emm

    Post author

    @Harold - This magnet type connection actually fits inside of the baseplate. It doesn't just sit on the outside of a frame. It hold very well, and if you don't pull it out at the correct angle, you can't remove. It has to be pulled fairly straight out of it's socket.

  22. Harold

    Here's the apparatus I'm using. I tried to eyeball whether or not it would all go together. What do you think?


    The way I have it now is a manfrotto small quick release plate on the left of their plate with the cotton carrier holding bracket on the right of their plate. So it would have to be in this order
    Kamerar plate and loop
    Cotton carrier plate screwed into the bottom of the Kamerar plate.
    As I currently use it now I take the GH2 out of it's Cotton Carrier chest holder for the day I click it into one of my Manfrotto tripods using the small manfrotto qr plate that sits on the left side of their plate.
    I know it's a lot so ignore if all of this is just not worth it.

  23. Harold

    Thanks for checking it on the GH2. Is that magnet fairly robust? The reason I ask is that I walk around the woods a lot with my cotton carrier vest and GH2 attached to the front chest area and with other magnetic type holders they always bounced off under normal walking and bending. Not sure you can answer that but wanted to ask anyway.

  24. iain

    Hi Emm, thanks for the video. I have my GH3 in the fhughen cage is there anyway to have a locking pin on the QV1 plate so it fixes underneath the cage and is anti twist?

  25. Tulio

    What about the BMPCC, it is one year old now, and still no loupes at the shops.
    Is this 16:9 or 4:3?

  26. Emm

    Post author

    @Harold - Just tested with GH2, works great. Covers entire screen no gaps. Fits well and you can get it on and off. The QV-1 M LCD View Finder works great on the GH2.

  27. Harold

    Looks good, Emm. Will it work with my GH2? I ask because I've tried at least 3 different ones from different manufacturers in the past with no luck. I'm tempted to spend the $80 but only if it works with my GH2. Thanks.

  28. Emm

    Post author

    @Rel - It makes sense to just sell the base since the LCD VF is the same. Let me find out. As far as the EOS M, I don't see why it wouldn't. There are some adjustments up / down, left / right, and on the base forward / back. Let me hit them up on that question also to see if they have tried it.

  29. Rel

    Hey Em will this fit on an eos m with the Ef adapter and a Ef lens on? I also have the QV-1 for my mark iii and was wondering if they have an option to sell just the M baseplate. Thanks a lot for your reviews and tutorials!

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