TrusMT Follow Focus Review

Here's a closer look at the TrusMT DSLR Follow Focus from Vimeo member HDSLR EQUIPMENT REVIEWS [Thanks Joel]. Looks like a solid build with adjustable hard stops, comes with different sized lens gears, an additional focus gear (possibly different pitch size), and the new version is designed with a better quick release 15mm clamp. You can find a variety of TrusMT equipment including cages, rigs, matteboxes, and of course the follow focus following the link (click here)

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12 thoughts on “TrusMT Follow Focus Review

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  2. Emm

    Post author

    @Austin M - Hard stops are convenient, but usually costs more. The Lanparte has had positive reviews on their equipment.

  3. Carter

    Is anyone using the newer Trusmt NF4 follow focus? I just got mine and the dual gear wheel design seems to be making it unusable on my canon lenses. The 2nd gear wheel gets in the way of either the camera body, or the matte box. I don't have big cinema-type lenses, so space is tight.

    is this a design flaw for my purposes? Anyone else experience these issues with the NF4?

  4. Josh

    I am ordering this FF today. This looks exactly like what I need. Strong build, well designed, great price. Excellent video review.

  5. James

    Great review. I think this is an upgrade over my RJ FF.
    Looks like that s going up on ebay and I am buying the trusmt.

  6. Aries V


    I like my Fotga. Very solid. However, it works better with Redrock style gears. Those flex-strap gears are junk.

  7. Neil

    I just got a Trusmt LCD viewfinder and the build is great. If their follow focus has the same degree of solidness then it should last awhile. Shipping was super fast too - 4 days to Canada (including a weekend).

  8. scottrellwi

    Looks great. Waiting for my Fotga DP500 to arrive, but after reading other reviews I think I made a big mistake.

    This unit looks very refined and though out. The stops look like a great idea if they are solid and don't break.

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