Master Cinema Series Launch Party

Vimeo member Tom Guilmette has a video from Shane Hurlbut's Master Cinema Series launch party. The launch party in Los Angeles showcases the first three main rigs in the product line from a handheld cage, to shoulder rig, and larger eye-leveling studio setup. Definitely looked like tons of fun and even Freddie Wong made it out to the party. More information about the DSLR rigs and accessories in the product line can be found at the website

16 thoughts on “Master Cinema Series Launch Party

  1. If this isn't a marketing "Hail Mary" pass, I don't know what it is. Letus has probably seen sales of the 35mm decline since the advent of DSLRs and figured they've got to get in this "rig business" before it's too late. But how do you get in it, when the market has been saturated up and down the price scale? Well, get some recognizable name, like Shane Hurlbut, throw a big event, have Shane Hurlbut throw our a lot of fancy manly names, like other people noticed, ("Master series" "mancam," "bangroom"... seriously?) add a lot of hype and try to position itself at the top of the price range. 6k! And it might have worked if this were 1994, but this thing called "the internet" has happened in them meantime. And people know what's out there, compare and price compare.

  2. @Rafick Those aren't binoculars. That's a sensor range finder to help the wireless focus puller know the distance between the camera and the subject so they can keep everything in focus during movements!

  3. 1st post, yeah!!!

    On a serious note, I think these rigs will most likely be used on the studio side. Way over budget for indie/micro budget side. Plus this is just for the rid, you still have to by the director's monitors, viewfinder, evf's, I mean besides the right you're looking at another 4k for the other items you'll need to even get your shot off.

    Nah this stuff is more for the guys at 'House' and other television shows which want to employ DSLR. Not for us. I'll stick with my Redrock rig and if I were buying my first rig, I'd get the Gini. All you need in $550.

  4. Actually... I just found out that if you have your own follow focus, and have your own matte box, you can get the entire MCS rig to make every rig for exactly $4600. That way you can pick up a cheaper Matte Box from let's say IndiSystems and a much cheaper follow focus, and right there you're saving yourself roughly $2000.

    With the kind of work I do as a Cinematographer... and a feature film coming up... I think I'm going to go ahead and get the full rig when it becomes available. I really like what I saw, and when you're using this in a high end environment, you'll have much more control over what's going on. This rig is going to add a lot of weight, and for us DSLR filmmakers... we NEED MORE WEIGHT. I really like what I saw here!

  5. Austin

    Nice but out of my price range XD oh well I am more excited for November 3rd to see if any nice new video cameras come from Canon.

  6. Joshua Lawrence

    I think I'll be saving up to get my hands on the Man Cam Rig. I hope that another manufacture takes a look at these rigs, and find a way to make them cheaper, cause I'm really interested in them. I got about $15K saved up, but I'm not sure if I'm ready to drop 6 grand on a single rig "JUST YET". Maybe with the right film funding... I can pick up some of these rigs but realistically with my own work at the moment... CPM Film Tools Gear and IndiSystems gear is the way to go.

  7. A couple kids out of college with 6 grand. Don't forget the camera and Chapman dolly. Yeah, there is really nothing new here at all. (and that took 7000 hours and a bunch of pattens). Totally sounds like Letus.

  8. amjad

    i think they have this all wrong, big name marketing and all the bit's are out there either from letus themselves and zacuto, other than that you could go get the cage from the after market Chinese brands and build something very similar.
    shame, I think it's far too late to came into the market right now and push that price. celebrity endorsement or not,

  9. Alex Campbell

    These rigs are unreal. $6000 is an unbelievable price for that whole setup and at $1500 for the basic, I think that these will give some other companies a run for their money (or at least make them reconsider their pricing).

  10. Pepe

    I had to stop the video after 3 min ... looking
    at the product presentation I can tell you
    that the average cheesycam user won't be
    buying any of this items anytime soon ...

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