Transcend Class 10 SDHC Media Recall?

Some people may have received this notification via email regarding certain Transcend Class 10 SDHC media cards. I guess somewhere down the line, Transcend made a few changes. All of the cards I've purchased don't fall into this category. I cannot verify this on my own personal media, but it could be something you want to check out for yourself.

We have recently learned that Transcend Information is voluntarily recalling the Transcend 16 GB Class 10 SDHC Flash Memory Card TS16GSDHC10E.
Items impacted by this recall were sold between July 28 and August 15, 2011. Due to a manufacture process issue, the item subjected to this recall might cause read/write blocking if the file size is over 4GB and the information on the card may not transfer.
The SDHC cards impacted have a serial number between 446136 0001 to 446136 9999 and 446121 0001 to 446121 9999. In order to identify the serial number of your card, please refer to the number in green on the right side of the back of the card.
If your product is affected, you should contact the manufacturer, Transcend Information, for a replacement. If you would like to apply for an online return request, please follow the instruction at the following link to complete the replacement process:
If you need additional info about this recall or further assistance, please contact Transcend Information’s customer service via email at [email protected] or by phone at (714) 921-2000.
If you purchased this item as a gift for someone, please notify the recipient immediately and provide them with the information in the above bulletin concerning these issues.

20 thoughts on “Transcend Class 10 SDHC Media Recall?

  1. Arun V K

    I bought this transcend 16 gb class10 memory card for my mobile,one month ago. Now I've used 12gb of dat card memory,now if I format the card and mount on mobile the used memory reappears........And I am not able to format the card... What to do with this...???? How to format the card...?????

  2. neha

    Did any of you get the data from taiwan
    i got the same problem and planning to send my card
    they told me it could take 90 days!!

  3. Daniel

    Anyone got anything back from Taiwan????

    I have contacted them and still havent received a response.



  4. KK

    Hi Guennie,

    So unfortunate that I have the same problem with Transcend 16GB SDHC card. Are you able to get your data recovered by Taiwan ? I am very concern and worry, as I will send my card to Taiwan for recovery too...thanks

  5. Guennie

    @ Pho
    Like I said in my first post I have two of this cards.

    I live in Germany and I mailed to a transcend emailadress I got from
    I wrote them on friday (02.09.) morning and reveived an answer on the same day.
    In this email they suggested two data rescue programms and offered to send the cards to their headquater in Tawain to try to rescue the photos.
    I wrote them a second Email on saturday (03.09.) that I want to take the offer and send the cards to Tawain.
    On monday (05.09.) they answered my second Email by telling me the adress where to send the cards.
    They even offered me to send me an secure envelope.

    So I will send my cards tomorrow and hope for the best. They said I will receive the new cards after they send the old ones to Taiwan.
    So I really can´t complain about the support, at least here in Germany.

  6. Pho

    I have one of the cards in the recall, so emailed the support address as per the amazon email. Waited 2 weeks no reply, so tried the support form on their site.
    They didn't seem to know suggesting I "may need the warranties service" but didnt give me any info on how to contact warranties service.
    Then tried the only other listed email address the sales one and still haven't had a reply.
    I have no problem with faulty items it happens from time to time but with customer service like this I won't be buying from them again.

  7. PeterD

    I just want to say that all manufacturers seem to have their troubles from time to time. Toyoto had to recall some cars not so long ago. Was it Goldfinger who said, "Once is happenstance, twice is coincidence but three times is enemy action"? I used a Sandisk card in my first digital camera in 2003 which failed such that I lost two or three photos (only the thumb nails still showed). Sandisk replaced the card under warrantee, but of course not the lost photos.

  8. Guennie

    @ James Zhou & Joel Vargas
    I can understand you guys! I was on a 2 week trip in Mosambique and took nearly 800 Photos and some videoclips. I have 2 16 GB Cards, I bought them just a week before the trip.

    The first Card was almost full when the camera wasn´t able to read it anymore. I too thought I could recover them when I will be back home. And so I used the second card, but after this card was half full, this card was also not readable anymore.

    Back at home I tried some recovery software. But the cards weren´t even readable, windows alwasy told me to format them.
    So I contactes Transcend, they suggested some recovery software. And they told me to to "Quickformat" when the card is not readable.
    No risk, no fun... So I tried even "Quickformat", but windows wasn´t even able to format the cards.
    And the capacity of both of the 16GB cards was shown as 1 GB each.

    So I did some reasearch and found out, that maybe it is only the memorychip controller which is defect. When the memorychip itself is intact, a recover of the data by a professional firm maybe possible. They have special readers to read directly from the chip, without the controller.

    So I encourage you to try a professional firm. For me this is too expensive and I will take the offer of Transcend to try to rescue the data. They told me, they will send the cards to their headquater in Taiwan, so I will have to wait some time...

    So maybe for you and me not everything is lost...

  9. Rob

    @Paul Ha, ha. Good point about Dell, though I'll never buy another. That's a company that's seriously lost their quality control. I'd be willing to give Transcend a try, even after this since they seem to be on top of the problem.

  10. Paul

    Every company makes mistakes, in almost every industry. I have had bad cards and disks from almost every company (sandisk, lexar, maxtor, WD, ect). That's when I started to test my disks and cards before using them the first time.

    All in all I doubt transcend will lose a lot of sales from this, people still buy Dells don't they? 😀

  11. Serge

    @James Zhou

    The best thing is to contact transcend directly and see if they can somehow recover the good sectors of data for you and send it back with the replacement. The thing with solid state / flash cards is that most recovery software needs to search for NTFS, FAT or FAT32 files and when you format on a camera it does a propierory format from my understanding.

  12. James Zhou

    My wife bought a Transcend 16G class 10 about a week before our vacation in Cancun. She knew that I would take a lot of pictures in Cancun. She was right. I took around 1,000 photos during our one week stay in Cancun. We had a wonderful time, and I took a lot of pictures for my kids, and my wife. Then on the fifth day, when I started recording a video about a show in X-Caret, something went wrong. My Canon T3i did not recognize the memory card, saying the card can't be accessed. No matter how I tried, the camera could not access the card.

    After the vacation, I tried about 10 different memory card recovery softwares, and none of them can recover the data. Now I finally saw this recall notice. So does this mean my 1,000 pictures are gone for ever? I don't care about the replacement of the card. What I need is those 1,000 pictures!!!

    Now transcend engineers, can you help me on this? Is it even possible to recover the photos?



  13. Serge

    @Joel Vargas

    Sorry to read about your troubles, but to blame the issues some batches are having as a cheap quality card because the price of the card is low from a company who saves you money compared to the over inflated prices of others is just kind of preposterous.

    Have you never heard of all the errors lexar cards give on nikon cameras?!?! I bet sandisk has its own issues from time to time too.

    I have some of the first 32gig 133x cards from japan from 4 years ago still running smoothly.

    I have them all from the oldest to newest CF SD and card readers from transcends. 

    I have 4 cards that fall under these serial numbers, maybe more I have to keep checking bout 60 cards total and I have yet to encounter any issues... I definitely will be sending them back for we shoot a lot of all day long high profile weddings, and music videos and do not want to take the risk. 

    I on the other hand will just continue to save money while helping the company grow and bring us more great priced products.

    I like Emm and many others will continue using this brand.

    P.S. If you do decide not to return it to amazon let us know if you put it up on eBay, we will take a shot at it. Also link us on to your finish film, would love to take a look.

    Best wishes.

  14. I was shooting and directing a moderate-budget short film last week. I usually shoot with a transcend 32gb c10 card on a 60d, I've had that card since December 2010 and have never had an issue. However, I decided to pick up a second memory card for the shoot as i didn't want to waste time dumping and erasing. I decided to go with the transcend 16gb class 10, as I had no issues with the 32gb. BAD IDEA!!! Unfortunately I bought it during the aforementioned time frame and the serial number of the card is between the aforementioned numbers.

    I started the 10 hour shoot with the 16gb transcend. Four hours later it was lunch time and I popped the memory card out and told my assistant to dump the card on my computer as I changed the batt on the 60d and inserted the 32gb.

    Suddenly my assistant comes to me and tells me that the computer is saying that the memory card is not formatted. I found this strange, as I formatted the memory card on my 60d upon receiving it. I popped it back into the camera but the 60d would not even turn on with it inside. I figured that it was not that serious as the data had to be in there somehow, and if worse comes to worse, I would have to use some data recovery software to extract the files. WRONG! WRONG! WRONG!

    I get home and try to do some magic to try and see if I can get the .mov's off the card. I used tons of data recovery software but to no avail. Each program told me that there were no files on the card. The 16gb card was reading as a 1gb card for some reason in every program and even on my mac's disk utility. WHAT THE HECK IS HAPPENING??

    Till this day I have not been able to get the files off the card. And now I see this post and I know that those files are long gone and its time to cut my losses. I was planning on visiting several data recovery centers in NYC but I don't even think they will be able to do much.

    This is so embarrassing and disappointing. I have lost four hours of time, money, and talent that I will never get back. It is so frustrating, but I guess this is a lesson for all of us. You get what you pay for. THIS IS THE LAST TIME I WILL PURCHASE TRANSCEND, never again.

    I'm totally disappointing in the company for not properly quality testing their products before selling them to the public. I'll stick with Sandisk and Lexar from now on.

    Thank god the bulk of my film was shot on the 32gb and is now safe on my computer.

    Be WARNED: if you don't want to run into this problem, stay away from the cheap stuff, or dump after every take lol.

    Ahh! I wish I could strangle someone at Transcend, but hey, I'm a filmmaker not a fighter. I'll just return it to amazon and get my money back.

  15. SkunkWorks

    Looks like I got lucky. Ordered mine off on the 12th and it shipped on the 14th... serial falls just short of the bad ones.

  16. Emm

    Post author

    @hank lepstein - I've been very happy with my cards, I think I have over 12 transcends. Mine also does not fall in these serial numbers, and I've had no issues with mine. I would still highly suggest Transcend cards, and it's great to see they are willing to replace cards for their customers.

  17. hank lepstein

    I got this email the other day. Luckily my card doesn't fall in that range of serial numbers. I haven't had any issues with it so far, it's been a great card for the price. I'll probably grab a few more, but not until I try it out with the hack

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