Quick Look Single Filter MatteBox

Just a quick over view of what to expect on this dslr matte box. This particular one is fairly well made with just a few quirks, but it's definitely a hundred times better than the cheap plastic one floating around. If you're really into the aesthetics of your rig, I suggest going for this. The FilmCity MatteBox is mostly metal including the flags, top sunshade, 15mm clamp, and donut ring. The hood itself is the only thing made from hard plastic.

The flags on the Mattebox will not fold up for storage, but it breaks down quickly to be packed away. The top flag will tend to get loose with constant positioning and would require the allen key to re-tighten. The side flags can easily be tightened by hand through the thumb screw. The single filter slides in an out with ease, and can be locked down quickly. It does not rotate so it's not something to be used with a CPL. The mattebox does not have a swing away design, so to make things simple, keep it at the end of your rail set. Yes it does require rails to mount. If you've got the money, I suggest going for the more expensive versions with a swing away design and the ability to rotate filters. One that some consider is by TrusMT found here: Trusmt DSLR MatteBox Carbon Fiber or Aluminum.

Considering the prices of current matteboxes, overall the FilmCity is one of the cheapest with decent quality build (again much better than the uber cheap plastic one). Can be found on eBay (click here).

find-price-button Inexpensive Single Filter MatteBox with Full Flags

21 thoughts on “Quick Look Single Filter MatteBox

  1. Tom

    Can this accomodate 77mm front thread lenses? I see some of the cheap plastic ones only support up to 72mm.


  2. Alec Moore

    Hey Steven, no I meant could you tighten it without an allen, in the video there's no little thumb grip to tighten the top. But in the product picture there is, so I was wondering if they had updated. I ordered it anyway and when it gets here I'll post if it's updated! Thanks Steven.

  3. Steven

    Alec - You can tighten the top hood with an allen wrench he said if you re-read. Does that answer your question, or were you asking something else?

  4. Alec Moore

    Just been looking at the review and at the pictures on Ebay, you said that the top flag comes loose and there's nowhere to grip to tighten it back up.

    But on the pictures on Ebay there is in fact somewhere to grip and tighten it back up. Are the pictures wrong or was the matte box updated?

    Can anyone help on that one?

  5. @ Craig C: Thanks for mentioning that stabilizer. I bought one and it's super! As Emm said, the whole thing is in the balancing of a stabilizer. Thanks for putting one within my budget.

  6. IAmProductions

    So....For an independant filmmaker who is just getting started, Would you recomend one of these? Or in your opinion, is there a better one for just a little bit more money? I don't really want to spend $300+ on a Matte box. But I don't want to get a crappy one either. Any suggestions?

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  8. Mine arrived today, and aside from the single 4" filter holder not rotating, it's super! That filter holder can be adjusted so the density change on gradient ND is at a level with your horizon.

    The lens donuts (there are several of various sizes and a blank) are firm enough that they provide a very small amount of support in addition to the rail mount. A great piece of kit for $150! Thanks again, Emm!

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