Tightening up the Kamerar Follow Focus

Out of the box Lainol commented about how much play there was to his new Kamerar Follow Focus. The amount of play he mentioned seemed too excessive, so I asked him to check the small allen bolt that holds the knob in place to make sure it was tightened down. After tightening up the screw, this solved his problem and Lainol generously created a video reference on how this procedure is done for us [Thanks Lainol].

Once you remove the marking disc on the FF, you can find a small hole that leads to a #1 allen screw. Tighten the sucker down, and you should be good to go. If you come across what might feel like play on the Kamerar Follow Focus, check to make sure it isn't just the knob sitting loose.

Kamerar Follow Focus FF-3
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14 thoughts on “Tightening up the Kamerar Follow Focus

  1. Tainbrain

    Anybody know if this same adjustment concept applies to the ORIGINAL Fotga DP500 FF? (Not the new one...) Thanks!

  2. Recently I purchased the Kamerar Follow Focus unit. Within an hour after setting up several lens configurations the pivot arm adjustment screw (using the provided Allen wrench) stripped out, with very little effort. As a result there is no way to secure the arm and continue to use the unit.

    Also, I encountered the same "rough" start upon using the unit, as mentioned in previous posts. But after a while of rotation back and forth the unit smoothed out.
    I am very, very disappointed at the lack of toughness of the metal. I am speculative that the metal chosen was NOT aircraft grade aluminum. Till this issue is addressed I would caution using this unit on set as you may be forced to pull focus manually.

    One last thing… in the same order included the Kamerar Matt Box. It is well made, better than units I have purchased costing 10 times more. The issue…it arrived dented and scratched. The main flag was not wrapped in any protective bubble wrap, presumably causing it to rattle around causing scratches and small dents. You should inspect your order upon arrival and respond with 7 days to company for disposition.

    I hope this company addresses these issues at once. I had high hopes for their success. I like the thought of a USA based organization to do business with. Perhaps the issues lie not in the designer but in the source of the manufacturing. Good luck to all.

  3. Noel

    I just picked up one of these and the build quality is amazing, its all aluminum and no plastic. It did need a bit of tightening as the above video shows. Once adjusted it runs very smooth with no play at all. I also took the main support arm and switched the unit around so it would fit into my smaller lenses. You really cant beat this one for a hundred bucks.

  4. Jonas

    Also wondering about the size since I have a gini FF and a few small but good nikon and leica lenses

    Is there a technical issue to make smaller FF's that we could use easily with 35mm lenses?

  5. Mike C


    Hmm that could be a problem for me. I was considering this item, but I would most definitely need to use the gear on the 'inside' as I use the short SMC Pentax-M lenses.

    Does anyone else have this problem?

  6. Kaito

    I'm not entirely satisfied with the Kamerar FF. It works fine, except for the reversable gear. The threading on the other side of the FF seems to be off so it doesn't tighten up the wheel and thus makes it impossible to use it reversed.

  7. imgpro615

    i was fortunate that mine was nicely and properly tightened upon arrival...thanks for the how-to in case it DOES happen!!

  8. Tiko

    Looks like the wheel is a bit smaller but it's a straight copy of the Gini so I'd guess the size is the same except for the wheel.

  9. Kyle

    I was turned away from theKamerar FF, and decided to get the D|Focus because of the play. Wish I would have known the fix was as simple as tightening a few hex screws. However, Kamerar should have better QA. Screws should be tight with some thread lock before they are sent out. I'm anxious to get the Kamerar Tank tomorrow, looks like a solid unit.

  10. Darius

    I've been considering getting a 2nd follow focus to use instead of my gini, strictly because of the size of the gini focus blocking hoods, larger filters, etc. I can't tell in the pictures, but is this FF smaller, or about the same size as the gini?

  11. Mark

    Just received my Kamerar FF today and am simply amazed at the quality you get for the price. Haven't had a chance to shoot with it, but just working it by hand I haven't observed any play. Good to know there's an adjustment though.

  12. Juan

    lol, Gini copies his design from the Cinevate follow focus, Kamerar copies Gini's follow focus.
    As we say in Mexico "He who steals from a thief has 100 years of forgiveness"

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