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Out of the box Lainol commented about how much play there was to his new Kamerar Follow Focus. The amount of play he mentioned seemed too excessive, so I asked him to check the small allen bolt that holds the knob in place to make sure it was tightened down. After tightening up the screw, this solved his problem and Lainol generously created a video reference on how this procedure is done for us [Thanks Lainol].

Once you remove the marking disc on the FF, you can find a small hole that leads to a #1 allen screw. Tighten the sucker down, and you should be good to go. If you come across what might feel like play on the Kamerar Follow Focus, check to make sure it isn't just the knob sitting loose.

Kamerar Follow Focus FF-3
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https://Kamerar.com was recently relaunched with an entirely new line of high quality affordable products tailored for DSLR Video shooters. I actually have access to the entire product line because it's being distributed by PhotographyandCinema.com (which I design some products for), but I try to only answer comments about the products instead of doing my own reviews.

So here, Rick Owens shares his first impressions after receiving a few products [Thanks Rick]. I was waiting to see how others review the https://Kamerar.com products, and i'm happy to hear how impressed Rick was with the combination of build quality and price.

The Tank Cage uses P&C Swiss Rod designs to provide a ridiculous amount of mounting options (overkill). The MatteBox is great for a single ND filter use (non-rotational), and the Follow Focus can swap positions of the gear in case you plan to use a longer or shorter lens. With the exception of the Matte Box (for weight reasons), all materials, including the little clamp knobs are of metal construction with anodized coating. You can find these products and more over at https://Kamerar.com

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