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Out of the box Lainol commented about how much play there was to his new Kamerar Follow Focus. The amount of play he mentioned seemed too excessive, so I asked him to check the small allen bolt that holds the knob in place to make sure it was tightened down. After tightening up the screw, this solved his problem and Lainol generously created a video reference on how this procedure is done for us [Thanks Lainol].

Once you remove the marking disc on the FF, you can find a small hole that leads to a #1 allen screw. Tighten the sucker down, and you should be good to go. If you come across what might feel like play on the Kamerar Follow Focus, check to make sure it isn't just the knob sitting loose.

Kamerar Follow Focus FF-3
find-price-button Kamerar Follow Focus FF-3