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If you're a bit late on this article, the new Yongnuo 565EX flash can be triggered by a Canon remote. So questions came up whether the Yongnuo YN-565EX Flash will work with the Radio Popper PX wireless triggers. Indeed it does and i've run some tests. There's no reason it shouldn't because the Radio Popper PX system takes the Canon infrared, does some magic, and then sends the very basic infrared back into the flash. The problem you'll run into is the standard RP shoe mount is not aligned. Never fear as a bit of Velcro will do just fine lining up the infrared ports.

Some of you might be wondering why you would need the Radio Popper system? Well let's start out by saying if you don't shoot in High Speed Sync, then you probably don't need it. You could do just fine with the RF603 triggers and switching the flash to manual mode. Instead of relying on Canon's infrared signals (which requires line of sight and gets pretty spotty outdoors), you could get more consistent results with a true wireless system. The only other benefit to using the Radio Poppers is if you want to control flash compensation straight from the camera (instead of walking up to the flash), or if you are managing power ratios and groups of flashes. If you're a bit new, my suggestion is to just go with the RF603 setup and learn how to work the flash manually. You'll actually gain a good understanding of flash.





Just when you think you've got the latest and greatest, and that everyone has thought of it all, there's that other guy that just has to add one more thing. Remember I posted this video on cheap wireless flash triggers a while back? Or how about this video on a Cheap Tethered Shutter Remote + Wireless Remote Shutter Remote?

Well the company Yongnuo just had to up everyone else in combining those two ideas into an entirely new Tethered Shutter Remote + Wireless Shutter Remote + Wireless Flash Trigger + support for Wireless Studio Strobe Trigger combination and i'm liking loving it! If you haven't heard of the name Yongnuo, they have grown over the years as a very reliable company in aftermarket Photography equipment. The original wireless flash triggers I showed are used by many photographers who don't need the ETTL support or High Speed Sync. In fact there's a large following in the Flickr photography community on several Yongnuo products including this popular Camera Flash for Nikon and Canon that supports ETTL communication.

Yongnuo ETTL Support Camera Flash

YongNuo Combo Wireless Remote Shutter + Wireless Flash Trigger

More images and detailed information about these new Yongnuo Wireless Shutter Remotes + Wireless Flash Trigger can be found via eBay here.


Posted this a while ago, but thought i'd share it on the blog. There are many ways to fire your Flash off camera when doing photography. You get much better lighting and shadow details when you can control your light source. The video above provides some information about a popular cheap set of Wireless Triggers you can find on eBay. These are the exact same Triggers shown in this video. I purchased the 3 receivers and 1 Trigger package.

Cheap eBay Wireless Flash Triggers
cheap wireless flash trigger