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In this video I show my cheap Wireless Remotes: http://cheesycam.com/wireless-shutter-remote-wired-shutter-remote-for-canon/

In this video I show my cheap Intervalometer / Timer Remote: http://cheesycam.com/canon-t2i-550d-timer-remote-timelapse/


I can't remember posting a remote like this, but here's one that combines the best of both worlds into a Wireless shutter remote and Wireless Intervalometer. For those who will ask, I don't think this remote can activate video mode. It is adding more batteries to the mix of things, but specs say that the CR2 battery lasts at least 400 hours of standby and the AAA will go 4 years on standby. It does of course mesh a few of my favorite reasons for packing remotes into the bag while saving some space. The brand Pixel was probably best known in the DSLR world for it's wireless Live View Remote LCD's. Price is more than a set of plain wireless triggers or a single intervalometer, but if you add up the dual functionality, it's priced about right. Another bag saving design is that these remotes use a modular Tether from receiver to camera. By purchasing the correct tether cord, you can use the same remotes with multiple camera models from different Canon's, Nikon's, Leica, Samsung, Olympus, and even some point and shoots. Here's the link to the Pixel Wireless Shutter Remote with Intervalometer Feature.

Some additional Information:
Supporting the function of single, continuous, delay shoot and the setting of the related parameter for timing plan shooting.
Delay mode is available to set delay time with number of shooting.
Delayed time can between 1 sec to 59 sec
Timer planning mode can be set the time between 0sec to 99hr 59min 59sec.
Number of shooting can be 1 to 9999 shoots and unlimited shooting.
Using free worldwide FSK 2.4GHz frequency system to improve the reliability and stability.
The socket from the transmitter is able to send out control signal directly.
User can control the various functions by the shutter connecting cable.

Type: FSK 2.4GHz wireless control system
Transmission distance: 80 meters or above
Channel : 99 channels ,as well as ALL
Transmitter Standby time: more than 4 years (using the AAA battery)
The receiver standby time: 400 hours (using the CR-2 lithium battery)
Dimensions: Transmitter: 149 x 49.5 x 24 mm (W x H x D)
Receiver: 63 x 38 x 31 mm

Product Introduction
1.  TW-282 is using FSK 2.4GHz frequency channel, 99 specific channels and 1 universal channel.
2.  Operating distance range is 80M or above.
3.  The display is protected by coating ; it’s not easy to get scratch.
4.  LCD is showing “channel” , “battery life” and “function mode” .
5.  Compatible to Canon, Nikon, Pantex, Samsung, Panasonic, Lecia DSLR cameras .
6.  Support single shoot, continuous shoot, long exposure; also it is available to set the number of shots and delay time shot; you can set your shooting plan.
7.  Transmitter uses 3V CR-2 lithium battery, stand-by time is up to 400 hours or above.
8.  Receiver is using plug style socket for shutter release output, just insert the corresponding cable and connect with the camera

TW-282 Support the camera as below:

Nikon: D3X、D3、D700、D300、D300s、D200、D2Xs、D2Hs、D2X、 D2H、D1H、D1X、D1;N90s、F5、F6、F100、F90、F90X;
Fujifilm: S5 Pro、S3 Pro;
Kodak: DCS-14n

Nikon: DSLR D80, D70s

Nikon:DSLR D90、D5000

Canon:EOS 50D、40D、30D、20D、10D、7D、5D、5D Mark II、1Ds MarkIII、1D Mark III、1D Mark II N、1Ds Mark II、1D MarkII、1Ds、1D、1V、EOS 3、D2000.

Canon: EOS 1000D、550D、450D、400D、350D、300D;
Pentax:*istD、*istDL、 *istDs、 *ist、*istDL2、K100D、K110D、K10D、K200、 K20D;
Samsung:GX 1L、GX 1S、GX-10、GX-20;
Contax: 645、N1、NX、N Digital.


SONY:DSLR α900,α850, α700, α550, α500,α350, α300, α200, α100.
Konica Minolta: DIMAGE α2, α1,9,7Hi,7i,7,5,4,3,DYNAX 7D,5D.

Olympus:E520、E420、E510、E410、SP-570 UZ、SP-560 UZ、SP-550 UZ、SP-510 UZ.


Wireless Shutter Remote with Intervalometer Features





Just when you think you've got the latest and greatest, and that everyone has thought of it all, there's that other guy that just has to add one more thing. Remember I posted this video on cheap wireless flash triggers a while back? Or how about this video on a Cheap Tethered Shutter Remote + Wireless Remote Shutter Remote?

Well the company Yongnuo just had to up everyone else in combining those two ideas into an entirely new Tethered Shutter Remote + Wireless Shutter Remote + Wireless Flash Trigger + support for Wireless Studio Strobe Trigger combination and i'm liking loving it! If you haven't heard of the name Yongnuo, they have grown over the years as a very reliable company in aftermarket Photography equipment. The original wireless flash triggers I showed are used by many photographers who don't need the ETTL support or High Speed Sync. In fact there's a large following in the Flickr photography community on several Yongnuo products including this popular Camera Flash for Nikon and Canon that supports ETTL communication.

Yongnuo ETTL Support Camera Flash

YongNuo Combo Wireless Remote Shutter + Wireless Flash Trigger

More images and detailed information about these new Yongnuo Wireless Shutter Remotes + Wireless Flash Trigger can be found via eBay here.