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Varavon's offering up to 70% OFF on select items on their website. They offer a wide variety of camera products from Camera Cages, Cable Cam systems, Gimbals, Sliders, Battery Solutions, and more. They also offer many accessories such as their Magic Arms, 15mm rails, clamps, grips and handles. You can browse their website at https://Varavon.com

varavon sale on website


Varavon has opted to list a few select items on sale right now (examples below), that you can save up to 40% OFF. The deals end this month, but keep checking back in case more items are added.

Varavon Hot Deal Zone
varavon hot deal zone 40 off


Varavon Slim Slider

So you want the lightest 'roller bearing' slider available? Varavon's got a pretty good thing going with it's slim version sliders, but pricing has not always been in our favor. Today that's all changed. There's a pretty good sale going on right now, and It appears there's been some design changes to their slider product. This is a new Slider in their product lineup called the 'Slidecam Lite'. It's still the slimmest and lightest roller bearing slider on the market, with adjustable legs / feet. Starting as small as 24" long and prices just over $250. I just picked up the 24" version, couldn't pass up the price. You can find them on sale right now following the link (click here).

Varavon SliderVaravon Bearings
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