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Varavon Slim Slider

So you want the lightest 'roller bearing' slider available? Varavon's got a pretty good thing going with it's slim version sliders, but pricing has not always been in our favor. Today that's all changed. There's a pretty good sale going on right now, and It appears there's been some design changes to their slider product. This is a new Slider in their product lineup called the 'Slidecam Lite'. It's still the slimmest and lightest roller bearing slider on the market, with adjustable legs / feet. Starting as small as 24" long and prices just over $250. I just picked up the 24" version, couldn't pass up the price. You can find them on sale right now following the link (click here).

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21 thoughts on “HOT – Varavon Camera Slider Sale

  1. chrsanch

    it already july and the last post was feb, for those who bought it, can you please share your experiences? is it as good or better than konova?

  2. Jeff

    Are folks who ordered through eBay still waiting for this to ship out? I reached out yesterday to follow up, and they said it would ship out in hours. Still waiting for a tracking number :/

  3. Emm

    Post author

    @Brennan Robideaux - Something like this isn't going to perform like a slider 3 times it's size. It's not meant to be a solution for all things. If you always shoot with 4-5lbs of camera, then I would go with a larger Konova.

    I personally own several different versions of the same type of equipment. Normally I get something really robust, and the same in a smaller portable version. Sometimes I just want to slide my small point and shoot cameras, so a smaller more portable slider works. It also means I can use a smaller and lighter tripod to support it. I'm going on vacation in a few weeks, and this is a perfect solution for me when hiking.

  4. Thanks Jason for checking. I'm going to wait for the Konova to drop in price. Robert that hand crank sounds awesome. Konovoa it is!

  5. Jason

    Just found out from seller, the Varavon Slidecam Lite does have brakes (seller told me its the red knob on the plate).

  6. Chris

    I'm pretty sure it has a brake. It has a red (or silver depending on which picture) wheel on the front end of the sliding base and if you look on the underside photo, there's a pencil eraser sized piece that it's attached to. It looks like a brake.

  7. They had the slim on sale last week for 300. Nearly picked it up but from all the videos I saw it was really wobbly. Its back up to 430 now so I wont even consider it now.

  8. Robert

    Very happy with it! I've had the 31" version for awhile and was always wishing for a smaller version for travel. 23" is a perfect length. In my opinion the new legs on the Konova are better then the Varavon's legs. I also think with Konova releasing a hand crank a motor sometime soon that the Konova is still worth the $100 price difference and an extra pound of weight.

  9. sKiZZ

    I'm so planning to replace my Glidetrack with a Konova, but is this really better? Need more input, reviews please! 😀 Thanks!

  10. Any reviews of this up? I saw a few unimpressive sales videos on youtube but didn't see much else on this. Anyone have experience using it? Is it smooth? Loud?

    I've been considering picking up a Kessler Stealth but this is a LOT more affordable.

  11. Jerry

    I just my 24" too! I was going to buy a konova slider next week, but I need something small (which the new Konova 23" was going to solve), and this varavon slider killed the Konova today, slimmer AND CHEAPER!
    Can´t go wrong with this deal!

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