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Do you work with a few different camera bodies and need a universal cage to fit them all? Perhaps you've upgraded camera bodies and your old Cages is no longer compatible with the new camera body? Or maybe you just have one of those camera bodies that don't third-party companies choose not to make dedicated cages for (i.e. Sony RX10MKII, Panasonic G7, etc.).

Situations like these are probably good reason to look at the new Varavon Zeus UNI C-Type Half Cage. It's designed to fit around most camera bodies giving you a proper Top Handle and dozens of mounting points for your EVFs, Monitors, Microphones, LED Lighting, etc. The video below offers a look at the Varavon Zeus UNI and a general idea how it works.

The Varavon Zeus UNI seems to be versatile enough to work with many different camera bodies, but there could be times when the cage blocks the top dials. This is mainly an issue with cameras that are very flat at the top. But with cameras that have slightly raised hotshoes (GH4, A7sII, Canon 5D, etc) this will provide additional clearance to access those top dials and menu buttons.

I believe most people would rather choose a custom designed form fitting Cage for their camera bodies. But if you can't seem to find one available for your unique camera model, this simple C-Type Half Cage could be a great option. For more information visit the Zeus UNI product page (here).

Learn-More-sm Varavon Zeus UNI C-Type Half Cage


Shape A7sII A7rII Cage Rig

The Sony A7sII and Sony A7rII cameras have been really taking a big market share in the small mirrorless video market. But like most hybrid cameras, you may want to mount additional accessories for shooting video. This will require a rig of some sort, or at least a surrounding cage. With that in mind, here's a closer look at SHAPE's latest Cage system for the Sony A7sII / A7rII cameras with Top Handle and 15mm Base.

SHAPE Product Overview
Designed for the Alpha series from Sony: Sony A7SII, Sony A7R II and Sony A7 II.

The cage is designed to give easy access to the control buttons, the side outputs and the battery compartment; which is an important thing when you are shooting. You will not waste any time removing the camera from the cage to access the memory card or to change the battery. An important feature of this cage is the micro-HDMI cable protector lock on the side to secure the use of your HDMI 4K cable.


By leaving access open to the hot shoe on top of the camera, you can mount different accessories. This cage is compatible with the Sony XLR-K2M audio unit, so you can have great sound for your videos. To install it, simply turn the top handle towards the front of the cage.

Shape A7sII A7rII Cage Rig HotShoe MountShape A7sII A7rII Cage Rig Hot Shoe Audio XLR Adapter

Integrated in the cage, we designed a Metabones® adapter support bracket. When there is no Metabones® adapter, the ¼-20 screw is captive so you don’t have to remove it from the cage and simply slide the bracket from under the cage.

Shape A7sII A7rII Cage Rig Lens Adapter Support

The SHAPE Cage is easy to assemble and disassemble; you don’t need to remove any parts of it when you want to install the camera, it’s easy and fast. The camera is fixed with a ¼-20 screw with the threaded hole under it, and the position is secured with the back and the sides of the cage so it will not move forward when equipped with a heavier lens.

Shape A7sII A7rII Cage Rig Quick release

In addition to having access to all camera controls, you also have easy access to the lens release button. The support between the lens and the camera grip is designed to anticipate a clearing for the fingers when the camera is handheld, for an ergonomic grip. The cage features several ¼-20 and 3/8-16 threaded holes for attachments and is made from CNC machined aluminium.

sony a7s II a7r II shape cage

As with all our other products, we also included in the design our red push button technology with 360 degree rotation where you can make adjustments by one press of your thumb. The simplest way to adjust handle! When you release the button, the handle locks in place. It’s solid and durable. You can remove the top handle from the cage to reveal a hot shoe adapter for other accessory attachments.

We proudly make our products in Canada, and we offer a lifetime warranty on all CNC machined parts. Our products are solid and durable.

For more information about various options and accessories for the SHAPE A7sII / A7RII / A7II CAGE, visit their product catalog (LINK).

SHAPE SHAPEWLB Sony A7s II A7R II Cage Rig Shoulder Rig Top Handle Pad 15mm Rails


Here's a look at the new FotoDiox Shark Camera Cage for the Sony A7R II or Sony A7s II cameras. It's more of a half-cage style rig with a wooden side handle. It is available in two color finishes - Samurai Silver and Pitch Black.

One thing to note is that this cage design blocks access to the Sony Multi-function hotshoe just in case you're working with the Sony XLR adapter (seen here). The Shark Cage comes with a Top Handle, 15mm Base, (2) 15mm Aluminum Rods, locks for HDMI and audio cables, and enough room to support various lens adapters.

Besides the Sony A7sII and Sony A7RII, the new FotoDiox SharkCage designs are also available for the Panasonic GH4 and Samsung NX1 cameras (here)

sharkcage-a7ii-blk-03 sharkcage-a7ii-slvr-03
Learn-More-sm FotoDiox Pro Shark Cage for Sony A7rII A7sII


It's been a few days since our fun 'unboxing video, but now here's a little more in-depth look at the design and features of the new Varavon Zeus Cage for the Sony A7sII and Sony A7rII cameras.

The Varavon Zeus Cage is available with one handle (standard model), or two handles (premium model), and an extra handle can be purchased separately. Each handle has a modular design that allows it to rotate in 4 different directions, has two cold shoes built in, dozens of threaded mounting options, and incorporates a 15mm rod clamp.


The Zeus cage itself allows full access to all ports and doors and instead of dedicated HDMI or Audio cable locks, Varavon has designed a modular Cable Clamp that can be attached to any threaded mount on the cage or handles.

varavon cable clamp

The Varavon Zeus Cage is available now over at https://Varavon.com

VIEW-ITEM Varavon Zeus Cage for Sony A7sII and Sony A7rII

Other items in video:
rode videomic lyre rycote suspension rode wireless lav mic filmmaker beachtek mc2 audio splitter


Well look at what has arrived today on my desk. The latest updated (again) version of the CAME-TV 7800 Gimbal.

CAME-TV 7800 overhaul updated handles tool less adjustments

These changes are so new that at the time of this writing, the images for the CAME-TV 7800 Gimbal have not yet been updated on their website. If you plan on ordering one, I would double check with them about these new parts being available, since it's not yet posted on their website.

The system I have here has received a much needed aesthetic and functional overhaul. Finally they have professional looking side handles (not fond of the old yellow foam ones). These side handles require no tools to remove, and they have also updated to a matching new Top Handle. The biggest change of course is the addition of tool-less adjustments for the rear Roll Bar and YAW Motor and a slightly modified QR baseplate.

tool less adjsutment yaw bar  tool less adjustment roll bar

Previously they had only tool-less adjustments on the Pitch, and making adjustments to the Roll and YAW was a tedious task - but not any longer. The system now comes with a semi-hard travel case with a Gimbal Stand. The 7800 has certainly stood the test of time to be one of the most affordable entry level gimbal systems, and it seems like it's just getting better.

So the new changes look great, and in theory should make life a lot easier, but i'll still need to put it through the paces and test this thing out over the weekend. If you're interested in finding out more, the CAME-TV 7800 3-Axis Gimbal can be found on their website (CLICK HERE).

came-tv gimbal  came-tv gimbal 7800 kit case stand
find-price-button CAME-TV 7800 3-Axis Gimbal Stabilizer with Case + Stand


BlackMagic Design FancierStudio Fancier Studio cage pocket cinema

Though we are seeing dozens of BlackMagic Design Pocket Cinema Camera cages already available, if you're looking for a complete kit with Form-Fitting Cage, Top Handle, Cold Shoe Mounts, and a set of 15mm Rails, it's hard to beat the price of this new FancierStudio BMPCC Cage. Just under $120 and Free Shipping (for Prime members) via Amazon (click here).

blackmagic pocket cinema cagefancierstudio cage
find-price-button FancierStudio BlackMagic Design Pocket Cinema Camera Cage


Cinegear 2014 - Varavon displays a finished version of the new Armor Cage for Panasonic GH3 / GH4 cameras.

The cage fits fairly snug around the camera body, wrapping around menu buttons for easy access, and is cut out to allow full articulation of the LCD screen, access to battery door, and media slot. For keeping the HDMI in place, there is a small bracket to pinch the the HDMI cable from being accidentally pulled off. A removable top handle and hand strap are also included in the kit.

gh3 gh4 exterrnal batterygh3 gh4 armor varavon 15mm rails cage
Optional External Battery and 15mm Rail Base Mount

Varavon is also offering optional accessories such as an external battery pack, and 15mm Rail Base that attaches under the cage. Available now for $270 and more information at the Varavon website (here).

Varavon Armor Cage FH3 GH4
find-price-button Varavon Armor Cage for Panasonic GH3 / GH4 Cameras


When it comes to the #BMPCC, there's a few accessories you may want to add-on, and so a solid cage is a good starting point to carry these extras. Adding on a pair of 15mm rails will get you even further when it comes to mounting video accessories. I've shared a few BMPCC cages on this blog, but here's an actual look at the parts and assembly of the new Tilta BMPCC Cage [BlackMagic Pocket Cinema Camera Cage].

Tilta is well known for their build quality and finish in products, typically targeting high end camera models. This new Titla BMPCC Cage is no exception. Optionally the Tilta Cage can be purchased with a Top Handle and a set of Rails. The rails are mounted through a quick release system under the main cage, and you still have full access to all ports, battery, and sdxc card slot. An HDMI Lock is included to keep your cable in place and to prevent damage to your camera. [Note: using this lock can block access to your DC input]

find-price-button Tilta BlackMagic Pocket Cinema Camera BMPCC Cage

The only things I've found to be of small concern is the low profile Top Handle that gets in the way of my RedRock Micro Live Lens adapter. I'm unable to attach or remove the RRM adapter when the Tilta Top handle is mounted. The silver-ish finish on the rails look great, but one pass and they are easily scratched up. This doesn't affect any functionality of course. Overall a solid product for mounting accessories to your BMPCC.

find-price-button Tilta BlackMagic Pocket Cinema Camera BMPCC Cage


Here's a closer look at that universal Top Handle posted a few weeks ago. The handle fits perfectly on a BlackMagic Design Cinema Camera or attached to a variety of other systems. The original article and other comments about this product can be found (here), or can be purchased online through the link below (found here).

Scarlet BlackMagic Epic RED Top Handle QR-Handle-V3-multi-purpose-top-handle-blackTop handle BlackMagic Cinema Scarlet EpicQR-Handle-V3-multi-purpose-top-handle-black_01
find-price-button QR Top Handle for BlackMagic Design Cinema or 4K, RED Scarlet, EPIC, Cages