Quick Look: Adjustable Universal Top Handle BlackMagic Design Cinema Camera

Here's a closer look at that universal Top Handle posted a few weeks ago. The handle fits perfectly on a BlackMagic Design Cinema Camera or attached to a variety of other systems. The original article and other comments about this product can be found (here), or can be purchased online through the link below (found here).

Scarlet BlackMagic Epic RED Top Handle QR-Handle-V3-multi-purpose-top-handle-blackTop handle BlackMagic Cinema Scarlet EpicQR-Handle-V3-multi-purpose-top-handle-black_01
find-price-button QR Top Handle for BlackMagic Design Cinema or 4K, RED Scarlet, EPIC, Cages

10 thoughts on “Quick Look: Adjustable Universal Top Handle BlackMagic Design Cinema Camera

  1. Kobe

    Emm, After watching your video I have decided to buy this handle. This is just what I am looking to purchase for my BMCC. It's a decent price relative to the competition. I have one quick question. How is the build quality of the leather? Is it something that seems like the seams will come loose after awhile? If it is then i think i will pick up the V1 or V2 of this handle. The one in your video is the V3

  2. i hope cheesy'nem develop a top handle that works with the gearbox and is priced for us on the lower end of the gear acquisition spectrum...

  3. Ant

    Compared to the design this is stealing (by Wooden Camera), this is a steal at $100. They want $250 for these!

  4. That Alzo handle is nice, but the key to Emm's adjustable one is the ability to fine tune to achieve perfect balance. With the Alzo you have to hope the holes it mounts to balances the cage with the camera you're using.

    I have the $400 CPM Cube Cage 3 and my 5Dmk3 is not balanced when holding the cage by the top handle. The only solution is to replace the quick release plate with a square one that slides the camera side to side.

    So if you have a Gearbox Emm's will be worth the price.

  5. Luis Santiago

    Hi Emm! Thank you for all the great info you provide to all of us! Your site has always been my No.1 go to place every day from day one when you first started it! Just so you know Alzo makes a great handle that I bought for use on a diy DSLR cage I made. It should work great on your gear box and it also has the option of putting a small ball mount they sell on it . Great for putting a monitor or other accessories on the handle itself. Price is #28.54 for the handle and $14.98 for the the heavy duty ball mount. I think a better deal all around!

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