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Cinegear 2014 - Varavon displays a finished version of the new Armor Cage for Panasonic GH3 / GH4 cameras.

The cage fits fairly snug around the camera body, wrapping around menu buttons for easy access, and is cut out to allow full articulation of the LCD screen, access to battery door, and media slot. For keeping the HDMI in place, there is a small bracket to pinch the the HDMI cable from being accidentally pulled off. A removable top handle and hand strap are also included in the kit.

gh3 gh4 exterrnal batterygh3 gh4 armor varavon 15mm rails cage
Optional External Battery and 15mm Rail Base Mount

Varavon is also offering optional accessories such as an external battery pack, and 15mm Rail Base that attaches under the cage. Available now for $270 and more information at the Varavon website (here).

Varavon Armor Cage FH3 GH4
find-price-button Varavon Armor Cage for Panasonic GH3 / GH4 Cameras