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Aron Anderson of YouTube channel TrinityFXmg, is a big fan of shooting video on the iPhone. In this recent episode he manages to assemble some common spare parts into a folding stabilizer. I've touched on the Shoulder Brace and the Folding Flash Bracket earlier in this blog, but never together in this type of setup. Some foam over the handles could even finish this look off to where you wouldn't recognize it's original intention. Great tip on this inexpensive items even if you're not a fan of the iPhone, a stabilizer like this can be used for smaller cameras like Sony NEX-7. [Thanks Aron].

find-price-button Chest Shoulder Monopod Brace

find-price-button Dual Folding Flash Bracket Locking


I love me some RedRock Micro gear, but unfortunately i'm just one of those poor souls who can't afford even their entry level stuff. As seen in the image below, this is just one bundle in the line up of RedRock Micro's Nano rigs called the Running Man. Pretty solid piece of gear that doesn't look quite overkill. Light weight, sturdy, sets up fast, and packs down small. Nice little stabilizer for the frequent traveler. You can find the Running Man rig here: Redrock Micro nano - RunningMan


Having a few spare parts around the studio, just decided to mount the Calumet Mini Tripod / Handle to a Manfrotto 361 Shoulder Brace for Monopods. The bearing on the shoulder support spins freely, but by adding a handle under the camera, you can keep it steady. It's also handy having the handle break out into a Tripod to rest the gear down (gotcha on that one RedRock..JK).

DIY-Shoulder-Brace (1 of 1)

Would be an interesting travel brace for a smaller camera like the GH1, GH2, Sony NEX, or A55. I don't know..all for fun...

find-price-button Calumet Mini Tripod Handle

find-price-button Manfrotto 361 Shoulder brace for Monopods