DIY iPhone Folding Stabilizer

Aron Anderson of YouTube channel TrinityFXmg, is a big fan of shooting video on the iPhone. In this recent episode he manages to assemble some common spare parts into a folding stabilizer. I've touched on the Shoulder Brace and the Folding Flash Bracket earlier in this blog, but never together in this type of setup. Some foam over the handles could even finish this look off to where you wouldn't recognize it's original intention. Great tip on this inexpensive items even if you're not a fan of the iPhone, a stabilizer like this can be used for smaller cameras like Sony NEX-7. [Thanks Aron].

find-price-button Chest Shoulder Monopod Brace

find-price-button Dual Folding Flash Bracket Locking

One thought on “DIY iPhone Folding Stabilizer

  1. I thought about putting foam bike grips on it but I think it wont fold all the way closed. And then I wouldent be able to mount my zoom h1 mic. If yor not going to mount a mic then you could use tennis racket tape.

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