DIY Flexible LED Strip Lighting


Duane assembles a 1200 LED Light panel made from the super cheap flexible LED strips found in an earlier article (here). This is the first build out of two he'll be using to throw some light onto the backdrop, and he mentions he's pretty happy with his build and results. 4 different switches in the assembly allow for different light output settings by turning a portion of the light on or off. He's added a 12V converter, but the LED lights themselves only require 12V, so it's possible to modify a setup like this and go mobile.


If you're looking to assembling your own LED light using these LED strips, you can find a bit more information (here). A few more details about the items used in Duane's DIY LED light build used below. [Thanks Duane]

- x4 5m Led strips (1200 leds)
- x4 switches that allows me to switch 25% of the lights on at a time.
- x1 100 watt 12v power supply
- x1 florescent light housing from Lowe's (gutted)
- x1 light stand (already had)
- x2 conduit brackets to brace into the stand
All for under $100 bucks (just under)

9 thoughts on “DIY Flexible LED Strip Lighting

  1. Duane

    Hello everyone, thanks for your intrest, i've been out of the country but back now, so sorry for the delay.

    Yes 6000 lumens was my calculation as well and seems to be about that with out a light meeter it's hard to tell exactly.

    To use a 24v led strip you would just use a 24v driver or power supply instead of corse making sure your switch or dimmer can handle the power, i read stories about ones burning up and catching fire when I was doing my research.

    Yes Filmari, thoughs are the type of Led strips, they are all over the interent and amazon has them the cheapest (when i looked)

    Yes they can be cut to 1m, there is a cut line every 3 leds.

    I've not experienced any flicker, i'm using a canon hdslr in the studio filming so far only at 29fps with the light.

    was that 10 leds or 10,000? 10 would not require much at all, 10,000 defiantly would. To compare mine is a 100 watt for the 1200 and handles it just fine.

    As for the Color Rendering, I ordered mine with 5500k and they seem to be a little cooler closer to 5600k compared to my other 5500k lights, I would order a small set and try them if this is a big concern for me it was not.

    I'm no expert but hope this helps!

  2. Hello from Romania Duane,

    First of all I thank you for sharing your led light with us on chessycam.

    I have some question if you are kind:
    - its ther any flickering when recording on DSLR?

    - this are the leds?

    - can I cut pieces of 1m and put next to each other?
    - what power supply i need for leds?

    Thank you very match!

  3. DV

    Based off the specs from one of the listing of these, these should be putting out 6000 lumens, roughly?

    60 LEDs in 1m is said to give off 270-300lm

    Does this sound about right, Duane? Cause that's a wonderful lot of light...

  4. Duane

    Hello everyone yes I'm reading this, thanks for your comments. I'm open to any questions anyone may have. You can email me at [email protected]. It was pretty straight forward once I did a little research.

  5. Randy

    Yes, this is quite interesting. And two of my regular website gurus (Emm and Dave) are on top of it! Can't wait for more info.

  6. Emm

    Post author

    @Dave - He emailed the images in and doesn't have any video samples to share, but i'm sure he's reading this.

  7. Emm, do you have a link to this person "Duane" where I am guessing you got the photos? I would like to learn how to build one.


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