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Not long ago, another article (here) showed the use of these lights wrapped around the outside of a simple can and used an umbrella to reflect the light. Here YouTube member Taylordfilms shares another experiment using these cheap flexible LED light strips wrapped on the inside of a reflector. [Thanks Steve].

eBay (click here).

White Flexible 600 LED light can
find-price-button Flexible LED light Strip


Eric Ferguson writes in and shares his DIY LED Umbrella Light which uses the Cheap Flexible LED light strips (seen here on eBay). These strips can be purchased in short length to rolls of 600 LEDs in a single strip. [Thanks Eric]. Another DIY LED light panel project using flexible LED lights can be also be found (here).

DIY LED light rollLED strip Flexible Can

Unlike the DIY LED light panel which would require you to cut LED light strips down to different sizes along with some soldering, Eric used an entire 600 LED roll wrapped around a simple can. The wrapped can mimics a bare bulb by throwing light off the sides. From there he's using a simple umbrella to refocus the light. Below are some images of the light OFF and then ON.


The flexible LED light strips work on simple 12V batteries, and can be found super cheap via eBay (click here).

White Flexible 600 LED light can
find-price-button Flexible LED light Strip



Duane assembles a 1200 LED Light panel made from the super cheap flexible LED strips found in an earlier article (here). This is the first build out of two he'll be using to throw some light onto the backdrop, and he mentions he's pretty happy with his build and results. 4 different switches in the assembly allow for different light output settings by turning a portion of the light on or off. He's added a 12V converter, but the LED lights themselves only require 12V, so it's possible to modify a setup like this and go mobile.


If you're looking to assembling your own LED light using these LED strips, you can find a bit more information (here). A few more details about the items used in Duane's DIY LED light build used below. [Thanks Duane]

- x4 5m Led strips (1200 leds)
- x4 switches that allows me to switch 25% of the lights on at a time.
- x1 100 watt 12v power supply
- x1 florescent light housing from Lowe's (gutted)
- x1 light stand (already had)
- x2 conduit brackets to brace into the stand
All for under $100 bucks (just under)


Click for Larger View

Just hours after posting the article about DIY LED lighting with Flexible LED strips, Ibrahim was already at work designing a CD Jewel Case Panel. The LED strips fit nicely in the CD case offering a simple solution to a housing, and an easy way to hold colored filters. [Thanks Ibrahim] If you're just landing directly to this article, remember to check out the original DIY post link on these uber cheap flexible LED lighting strips (click here).


YouTube member DTapeProductions writes in and shares their DIY LED Light panel using LED light strips. Of course you can't exact daylight temperature, and who knows if it can be properly color corrected with filters. Outside of that, it's actually quite ingenious if you think of the price + possibilities. As mentioned in the video, these uber cheap super bright LED lights can be used for accents, instead of the use of colored gels. It would be interesting to see them finish that 1200 LED panel. [Thanks Ross]

Flexible with adhesive backing, these strips are also found in waterproof versions. They are available in a variety of colors from Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, White, and Warm White. Often found as the colorful under lighting of cars since they run at 12V. It will run you about $3-4 dollars / 1M (3ft = 60 LED count) found below.

find-price-button Flexible LED lighting Strips 12V

If you're looking to make those 12V LED lights dimmable, this 12V PWM designed for LED lighting should work.

find-price-button PWM Dimming Controller For LED Lights or Ribbon, 12 Volt 8 Amp, 3301

[Update] Chris drops a comment and mentions that if you're not the strong silent soldering type of guy, then there are a variety of connectors available for Flexible LED strips. Check out some of the options available below that will allow you to bend the strips, or join them directly for longer runs. All found on eBay below (click here).

find-price-button Flexible LED Strip Connectors



LED video lights are great not only because they are well diffused, durable, and generate low heat for close encounters. They also have a huge advantage when it comes to power requirements. If you've ever been out to a location shoot with some super hot tungstens, or HMI's you'll have to calculate the wattage of each head and seperate them into different power outlets so you're not blowing out fuses and circuit breakers. Blowing out the power in your location is bad news, and just brings things to a halt. Just one of the things you'll learn in Film School Lighting. Now that prices for LED tech has dropped, the cheap LED video panels I showed a while back pretty much flew off the shelves. It definitely seemed like it, but after talking to a few sources, it appears that the popular LED Video panels are now at a worldwide shortage. Looks like there is so much demand the manufacturer can't keep up. Part of the shortage is because many big name companies have bought these panels in huge amounts rebranding and marking up prices. Hopefully you're not depending on these things being available when your next project comes around, as they are slowly disappearing as we speak.

If you're a DIY type and are looking to save a few bucks, you might take a peek at some already assembled inexpensive LED light panels that comes complete with an AC power adapter. They are powered via 24v, so not too difficult to come up with a portable power solution as well. All you'll need is to come up with some type of light stand mount, and you should be good to go.

find-price-button LED 24v Video Light Panel Assembly with Power Adapter