DIY Flexible LED Video Light Reflector

Not long ago, another article (here) showed the use of these lights wrapped around the outside of a simple can and used an umbrella to reflect the light. Here YouTube member Taylordfilms shares another experiment using these cheap flexible LED light strips wrapped on the inside of a reflector. [Thanks Steve].

eBay (click here).

White Flexible 600 LED light can
find-price-button Flexible LED light Strip

5 thoughts on “DIY Flexible LED Video Light Reflector

  1. Emm

    Post author

    @Logan - You don't need an AC/DC. The LED lights only work on DC. The Tekkeon can power the lights directly.

  2. Emm,

    Being that you are very familiar with the Tekkeon I was wondering how I could use this led set up with the Tekkeon. She uses a AC/DC plug does the Tekkeon have a AC/DC plug? I don't think so....Any ideas?

  3. Vincent

    Dariuzas i was about to send emm the link to your thing, I liked it alot. I sent you a comment about parts etc.

  4. It's a pity they don't sell those clamp lights in the UK. Anyone want to set up an ebay store to sell those it'd be much appreciated.

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