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If you've ever had a chance to work with a medium to large size Gimbal Stabilizer, you'll know how difficult it could be shooting for more than a few minutes holding the camera at eye level. About one year ago, I presented a basic idea for a DIY Gimbal Support Backpack (read my article here) that could help operators carry the heavy load more comfortably.

Over the past year, there have been many iterations of this idea, and here's the latest (most detailed) build from Rik at RunPlayBack.com. There's so much information presented in the video and in the written article, that I recommend visiting the link for a step by step build process: https://runplayback.com/build-a-diy-gimbal-support-stabilizer-for-under-100.

runplayback diy gimbal support backpack
Runplayback.com - DIY Gimbal Stabilizer Support BackPack

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Has it happened to you? You're right in the middle of an interview and all of a sudden one light goes out. It appears the battery in your light has died and so you have to basically start that interview process over. If only you had one central interface to be able to view the power levels of every battery on set, knowing exactly how much time you have left, and which ones need to be swapped out. Well, now there is such a tool.

Our friends with Runplayback.com coverage at NAB 2015 visits the Switronix booth showcasing new battery solutions and battery management systems. Some of their latest items on the floor like the VoltBridge, a battery level monitor platform that utilizes a Bluetooth transmitter and mobile app; the Hypercore Prime, a 2-part designed, TSA travel friendly battery pack and the Hypercine, a block battery that can be used to power multiple battery packs while providing 392wh as one unit.

For more information about these Switronix products and accessories, visit their company website at switronix.com

Learn-More-sm Switronix VoltBridge

Learn-More-sm Switronix Hypercore Prime

Learn-More-sm Switronix Hypercine

NAB 2015 Platinum Sponsors

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Rik Cordero over at RunPlayBack.com put together a nice BTS look from one of his recent projects. The new music video for rapper Joey Bada$$ was put together using fairly accessible consumer priced equipment.

A Varavon 3-Axis Birdycam Gimbal was used to help stabilize the handheld and tracking shots. A broad throw of light was offered up by the massive ePhoto R640 LED Ring Light (found here), and a GoPro HERO4 on a DJI Phantom Quadcopter with FPV setup was used for aerials. According to Rik, this massive 640 LED Ring Light was extremely versatile and used almost throughout the entire video. I'm a big fan of this light as well.

find-price-button ePhoto R640 18” LED Ring Light

The video was shot using the Panasonic GH4 camera (currently on sale here) with mostly old Canon FD Lenses and a Metabones FD Speedbooster.

Here's a look at the BTS video.

And here's a look at the final edited piece

I'm just throwing up a bit of a summary here, but you can read an entire article about the workflow and tools used on this and other projects over at Rik's site https://RunPlayBack.com