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If you've ever had a chance to work with a medium to large size Gimbal Stabilizer, you'll know how difficult it could be shooting for more than a few minutes holding the camera at eye level. About one year ago, I presented a basic idea for a DIY Gimbal Support Backpack (read my article here) that could help operators carry the heavy load more comfortably.

Over the past year, there have been many iterations of this idea, and here's the latest (most detailed) build from Rik at RunPlayBack.com. There's so much information presented in the video and in the written article, that I recommend visiting the link for a step by step build process: https://runplayback.com/build-a-diy-gimbal-support-stabilizer-for-under-100.

runplayback diy gimbal support backpack
Runplayback.com - DIY Gimbal Stabilizer Support BackPack