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Rik Cordero over at RunPlayBack.com put together a nice BTS look from one of his recent projects. The new music video for rapper Joey Bada$$ was put together using fairly accessible consumer priced equipment.

A Varavon 3-Axis Birdycam Gimbal was used to help stabilize the handheld and tracking shots. A broad throw of light was offered up by the massive ePhoto R640 LED Ring Light (found here), and a GoPro HERO4 on a DJI Phantom Quadcopter with FPV setup was used for aerials. According to Rik, this massive 640 LED Ring Light was extremely versatile and used almost throughout the entire video. I'm a big fan of this light as well.

find-price-button ePhoto R640 18” LED Ring Light

The video was shot using the Panasonic GH4 camera (currently on sale here) with mostly old Canon FD Lenses and a Metabones FD Speedbooster.

Here's a look at the BTS video.

And here's a look at the final edited piece

I'm just throwing up a bit of a summary here, but you can read an entire article about the workflow and tools used on this and other projects over at Rik's site https://RunPlayBack.com


The new ePhoto R640 18" LED Ring Light recently shared on this website had a great reception. If you were on the fence about trying one of these out, you're in luck since ePhoto has allowed us to give one away!

ephoto r640 led video ring light

The R-640 uses high quality LED bulbs with a CRI rating of 95, color temp at 5400L, and over 1670 LUX [155 FC] when tested at 3 feet. To watch our Product Overview Video and to register for this giveaway (usa residents only), check out the Swivex page (click here).

ePhoto R640 LED Video Ring Light
Using a ring light is a great way to achieve that glamorous looks in your photo and video shoots. The light features 640 Individual LEDs which are softly diffused by the included cover. (Continue Reading..)

ePhoto R640 LED Video Ring Light Giveaway