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If you've read deeply into any of this blog, you'll find i'm pretty biased with all Canon Camera stuff. Sue me if you're disappointed, but as far as DSLR Video related stuff is going on, Nikon's been pretty late in the game. Well here's another late entry by Nikon (or by some knock-off artist). After much much rave around the Canon Coffee Mugs, here comes the Nikon Coffee mug! So for all you Nikon shooters who had to sit in the cube next to the guy bragging about his fancy little Canon Mug (yes I do that), you can finally stand your ground. Check out the prices and availablity on the Nikon Coffee Mugs here.

Canon 24-105mm Lens Mug Coffee Cup ' 2nd Generation Update '
In other related news. The Canon 24-105 Coffee cups have had a complete redesign. So we knew that the 70-200mm F/4 Canon Mug was legit. Then someone had the idea of designing a cup based on the Canon 24-105mm F/4 L lens with IS. We knew this was a cheap knock off and the quality of the design was even terrible. So this wasn't something I really talked about. Well I just got news that the 24-105mm cup has had a redesign they are calling '2nd Generation'. With better letter printing, overall build, and even working switches on the side (not even the 70-200 has this feature), the new version is looking really really really good. I'm grabbing mine now.
Check out the prices and availablity on the Canon 24-105mm Len Cup.

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Just kidding. I thought I would poke a little fun at Nikon's D3s that's supposedly been available since November of '09. Apparently major retailers have yet to see them in stock and instead display text comments stating Pre-Order, Coming Soon, or Temporarily Unavailable. Sorry Nikon, if you can't get them in, technology is just going to phase it out. End of life is near for that 12 megapixel camera. If Nikon wants to step up their game compared to Canon sales, they will need to start meeting supplier demands. C'mon people, it's like buying an XBOX or Playstation. Companies aren't making money from the units themselves, it's all the accessories you buy afterwards. Sometimes those 'units' are loss leaders. Once Canon is in the hands of buyers, they'll need grips, batteries, flashes, and not to mention Lenses. And we all know once you invest a certain amount of money into one brand, there's no going back.


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This one looks a bit more beefier than the last Silicone Skin case I blogged about earlier. This one uses the term 'Armor'. Even though the higher end bodies are a bit more weather sealed, If you plan on going rough with your gear (paintballing?), you might want to give these guys a go. Especially for those of you who plan on taking the lighter weight 550D / T2i camera bodies out in the field. Available for different camera bodies, yes even Nikon, Check out some of the different available Camera Armor cases here.

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Pancake lenses are just one of those interesting conversation starters amongst photographers. Tools like these get you into a different mindset of how you compose your shots, much like how you would reconsider your style of photography with Tilt-Shift lenses. Here's a cool little Pancake lens by Loreo called 'Lens in a Cap'. It's about 35mm and adjustable from F/5.6 - F/64. It even acts as a Body Cap protecting your sensor when you don't have a lens on, but at the same time, it's ready to shoot when you are. You can find the Loreo Lens in a Cap here, starting at $24.50 + Free Shipping.

You can even find a Flickr group for the Loreo Lens in a Cap located here.


Wow, just a day after posting the Canyon Creek video shot on a 550D / T2i with Nikon lenses, there's been a flood of interest. I had no idea that Nikon lenses to Canon bodies were so unfamiliar. So here's a post to talk about the Nikon lens to Canon adapters. The most basic of adapters can run as low as $12.00 US. This is just a basic adapter leaving you with manual focus and unavailable aperture values on your LCD. The second adapter (bottom) claims to maintain full Auto Focus functionality with a special embedded chip. I don't own this adapter, but for the sake of Cheesycam, i'll place an order and do a review. If anyone currently owns an AF Nikon Lens to Canon adapter, Holla in the comments!.

You can purchase these adapters by clicking here.

I'm placing my order with this eBay seller. 100% Feedback and reviews show that the people who purchased this item, the adapter works perfectly as described.

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dslr silicone body case covers
click to buy Silicone DSLR body cover

Keep that darn thing covered!!! It's what mamma used to say to me back when I was in High School. Funny thing, I didn't own a camera back then. Still don't quite get it...

Anyways, it's good advice for those of you throw your cameras in the trunk of your car without any regret to possible scratches and damage. This Silicone DSLR body cover might be a good thing to have for a 550D / T2i since they aren't very weather-proof or have a Magnesium Alloy frame like the bigger brothers. Also available for Nikon the less fortunate.. (OK just kidding!!! No hate mail!! Sheesh take a joke guys..hahaha).You can find the Silicone DSLR Camera Body Case Covers by clicking here.


The video above shows an example of the great quality you can get using older lenses with your DSLR camera. You can save big bucks buying older lenses that will give you great Depth of Field. Sure, it's not much for photography, but for video it has it's appeal. I was able to pickup FD lenses for around $10 dollars! I grabbed a 50mm, 28mm, 35mm, and a few others. It's an awesome way to get some of those specialty lenses for those niche shots.

It's no secret that you can use older style Lenses to work with your new Video DSLR, but the type of adapter you get will determine the quality or sharpness, contrast, and possible distortion. You can mount Canon to Panasonic, to Olympus, to Nikon, or practically any combination of Camera + Lens you can think of. If you're looking to get an older Canon FD lens adapter for your 5D, 7D, or even T2i the one listed on this link is rated one of the best. It has a glass element to help correct the image since it sits offset on the camera. Grab a Canon FD Adapter and save big on Video Lenses!

This is the exact FD adapter I was using for my FD lenses to mount on my 5D and 7D.

Also other adapters for FD to EF