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find-price-button Padded Protective Lens Pouches

When I travel light, those thin grey Canon Soft Lens Pouches seem to do fine for just covering up my lenses. Of course any lens case is better than no case to minimize dust, moisture, and scratches. Now when traveling heavy with a wide assortment of lenses I have to carry a bigger bag. More lenses + Bigger bag means equipment is just stacked one on top of the other. I don't like over using dividers in the travel bag because it's just taking up way too much space. Instead I thought I'd just individually wrap up each lens with a beefy Neoprene case. Neoprene is the same material used on Scuba Diving suits so it's quite elastic, soft, but still durable. Much better protection than the standard grey bags that come with most Canon lenses. Obviously, these things are quite cheap coming from overseas starting at only $2.38 + Free shipping. I've placed an order on a variety of sizes, and soon as they come in i'll show which pouches fit which lens. Check out the huge variety of Neoprene Lens Protective Bags.

find-price-button Padded Lens Bags for Canon Nikon Sony Pentax Panasonic DSLR Lenses

If you're looking for something even more 'beefier' than the Neoprene Lens bags, foam padded ones are a bit larger, taking up precious bag space, but offer better protection against bumps and impact. Many of these are also wearable around the belt look or shoulder sling strap. These suckers start UNDER $10.00 + Free Shipping. Check out the variety of Foam Padded Lens Protection bags.

If you're just jumping into DSLR's and have questions about Canon EF Lenses, head on over to some of their articles at: https://www.usa.canon.com/app/html/EFLenses101/index.html. There's even information on Lens Care & Camera terminology which is required lingo if you want to schmooze at those DSLR meet-ups.


This is a great little read from BHPHOTOVIDEO.com 'Inisghts'. You've probably read a few times many professionals might shoot at F/5.6 to F/8.0 but this could be simply because they are using F/2.8 lenses. There's a difference between getting everything in focus as to what's really the sharpest setting on your lens. It might be a bit confusing reading this here, so take the jump over to the Inisights article and try some of the suggestions against your own lenses.

It's a great article, so remember to Twitter, Facebook, Digg or whatever you do using the share links below.


Wow, just a day after posting the Canyon Creek video shot on a 550D / T2i with Nikon lenses, there's been a flood of interest. I had no idea that Nikon lenses to Canon bodies were so unfamiliar. So here's a post to talk about the Nikon lens to Canon adapters. The most basic of adapters can run as low as $12.00 US. This is just a basic adapter leaving you with manual focus and unavailable aperture values on your LCD. The second adapter (bottom) claims to maintain full Auto Focus functionality with a special embedded chip. I don't own this adapter, but for the sake of Cheesycam, i'll place an order and do a review. If anyone currently owns an AF Nikon Lens to Canon adapter, Holla in the comments!.

You can purchase these adapters by clicking here.

I'm placing my order with this eBay seller. 100% Feedback and reviews show that the people who purchased this item, the adapter works perfectly as described.

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Print your own Lens Hoods DIY Hood

Here's a fun post following up on my recent post on Lens Hoods. It's not going to protect you from that concrete post, but it will sure cut the glare out.

We aren't all professionals and sometimes we need a DIY lens hood. Here's a link to a website that lets you download PDF files with a template to Hood the most popular lenses out there for Canon, Nikon, and more. Some of you might already know about the website, but for the newbies check it out. https://www.lenshoods.co.uk

Leave them comments people. If you have a tip to share, a DIY related video you've created or anything else you think will fit this blog, let me know. I'll run a post for ya!


The video above shows an example of the great quality you can get using older lenses with your DSLR camera. You can save big bucks buying older lenses that will give you great Depth of Field. Sure, it's not much for photography, but for video it has it's appeal. I was able to pickup FD lenses for around $10 dollars! I grabbed a 50mm, 28mm, 35mm, and a few others. It's an awesome way to get some of those specialty lenses for those niche shots.

It's no secret that you can use older style Lenses to work with your new Video DSLR, but the type of adapter you get will determine the quality or sharpness, contrast, and possible distortion. You can mount Canon to Panasonic, to Olympus, to Nikon, or practically any combination of Camera + Lens you can think of. If you're looking to get an older Canon FD lens adapter for your 5D, 7D, or even T2i the one listed on this link is rated one of the best. It has a glass element to help correct the image since it sits offset on the camera. Grab a Canon FD Adapter and save big on Video Lenses!

This is the exact FD adapter I was using for my FD lenses to mount on my 5D and 7D.

Also other adapters for FD to EF