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The video above shows an example of the great quality you can get using older lenses with your DSLR camera. You can save big bucks buying older lenses that will give you great Depth of Field. Sure, it's not much for photography, but for video it has it's appeal. I was able to pickup FD lenses for around $10 dollars! I grabbed a 50mm, 28mm, 35mm, and a few others. It's an awesome way to get some of those specialty lenses for those niche shots.

It's no secret that you can use older style Lenses to work with your new Video DSLR, but the type of adapter you get will determine the quality or sharpness, contrast, and possible distortion. You can mount Canon to Panasonic, to Olympus, to Nikon, or practically any combination of Camera + Lens you can think of. If you're looking to get an older Canon FD lens adapter for your 5D, 7D, or even T2i the one listed on this link is rated one of the best. It has a glass element to help correct the image since it sits offset on the camera. Grab a Canon FD Adapter and save big on Video Lenses!

This is the exact FD adapter I was using for my FD lenses to mount on my 5D and 7D.

Also other adapters for FD to EF