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NAB is just around the corner, and some companies are already releasing some product information before the event. Jag35 is one such company and has a dedicated page showing a few new small products they'll be adding to their lineup (found here).



Our NAB2011 videos aren't all on the website just yet, but just wanted to thank Prodigy Studios for coming out and covering all the highlights and BTS footage of our trip. We covered lots of ground and got to meet all the good people behind some of the popular DSLR products including Cinevate, Konova, Jag35, WideOpenCamera, JuicedLink, Letus, Camera Motion Research, Varizoom, and more. [Thanks Waylon]



There's the usual LCD View Finders that might work on the GH2, but a very interesting one from Varavon allows you to flip out the LCD and provide enough support so that you don't break it off. Something that can't be done with the traditional sticky metal frame. The company is the same who provided the unique internal mirror for Low viewing angles I reviewed here: http://cheesycam.com/varavon-lcd-low-angle-view-finder-for-dslr/. Not available yet, but looks like it will be soon. They make some quality products, but pricing was always the weak point stepping into the market. Curious as to what initial pricing will be, or maybe we'll get a peek at this over at Las Vegas NAB. You can see more Varavon news here: https://www.varavon.com/product/newproducts.html


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If you're a serious Film Maker or content producer you can't hide from NAB - National Association of Broadcasters. Coming in Vegas in April it's going to creep up real quick. So if you want to get in, now's the time with a Free Exhibits Pass registration code found on the website. It's amazing to think about how these events have evolved in just a few years with the Internet. Broadcasting has opened up to a whole new level. This is 'THE' place to be to find out not only where the industry is at today, but where it's headed next. You'll get in touch with new technology, tons of exhibitors showcasing all the latest camera gear, learning sessions and conferences to sign up for. Everything from small to big, including many of the companies and products found on this Cheesycam website. DSLR's are going to have a huge impact on the exhibition floor. It's not just for the big cameras! You'll find everything from small camera sliders, to DSLR rigs, cages, audio, monitors, and more.. I'm really excited to attend this one, so hopefully i'll catch some of you out there.

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If you're wondering if the above video is legit, it sure seems like it. The manufacturer is found at this website at https://www.plcelectronicsolutions.com. If you're thinking about getting something like this, get ready to dish out over $1500.00 for just the Receiver. Which means you still need the lens gears, the motor, and of course iPhone not included. I think everyone might be better off going with the the new RedRock Wireless Follow Focus seen at NAB. Check out the video below from Hand held Hollywood.