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I'm still getting questions about mounting the new IMG_3557_1024x1024 Carry Speed VF-4 on a GH3. I can tell you that it's a very tight fit on a GH3, and it hangs down just a hair below the LCD. See video below.

In the next video below, I'm using the VF-4 extension bracket to show how it can mount on a GH3 with a battery grip attached. One problem with the GH3 grip is that it will relocate the tripod mount off center (to the right), but the VF-4 may be one of the only LCD View Finder products that has enough adjustment to work.

Here's an image Dennis shared with me where he mounts the VF-4 Quick Release plate under the P&C GearBox first which works as a small spacer to fit with the GH2 camera body [Thanks Dennis].

GH3-VF-4 GearBox

[Reminder] Expires this Wednesday June 12, 2013, here's a link to grab a $50 OFF coupon code good for the VF-4 or VF-4 bundle. More information about the new Carry Speed VF-4 LCD Video View finder can be found at CarrySpeed.com (here)

find-price-button Carry Speed VF-4 LCD View Finder & VF-4 Bundle (with Extension Bracket)



There's the usual LCD View Finders that might work on the GH2, but a very interesting one from Varavon allows you to flip out the LCD and provide enough support so that you don't break it off. Something that can't be done with the traditional sticky metal frame. The company is the same who provided the unique internal mirror for Low viewing angles I reviewed here: http://cheesycam.com/varavon-lcd-low-angle-view-finder-for-dslr/. Not available yet, but looks like it will be soon. They make some quality products, but pricing was always the weak point stepping into the market. Curious as to what initial pricing will be, or maybe we'll get a peek at this over at Las Vegas NAB. You can see more Varavon news here: https://www.varavon.com/product/newproducts.html