Jag35 NAB Products

NAB is just around the corner, and some companies are already releasing some product information before the event. Jag35 is one such company and has a dedicated page showing a few new small products they'll be adding to their lineup (found here).


11 thoughts on “Jag35 NAB Products

  1. Doug

    jag35's biggest problem I found is quality control of their machining of holes and squareness to plane, Misa says he'll make good don't hold your breath. I've had better luck on the used market picking up slightly used equipment from the big guys at jag35 prices or less.

  2. Hey Eirik,

    If you're not happy with our Field Runner, send me a direct email, (misa at jag35.com) I can definitely help you out. Explain what the problem is, if it makes sense, I'll either fix it or refund you. I don't want you to keep our product if you're not happy with it.

  3. Just so you guys know, this product isn't for everyone. If this sounds like a ridiculous price increase, and it's completely out of your reach, I'm sorry about that, but it only means that this product maybe just isn't right for what you're doing.

    Price increase was simply due to the fact that we needed to upgrade a lot of things from the first one. We are new at this, but we are DIY guys at heart, and it's why we are working on these type of products, ourselves, simply because there's nothing in the market that's affordable. We are trying, but over the last year, we've come to the realization, a product like this is really hard to produce from scratch for cheaper.

    The $499 price you guys are talking about, was just for the controller, no motors. We're talking about different things here. $1299 get's you a complete kit including everything you need to get you going.

    I know you guys are DIY guys as well, which is why you want to pay next to nothing for the best possible product, however, if you start looking into the electronics for this, the motors and wireless components, you'll start to see why the price starts going up and up. Just look up Lemo connectors to begin with and you'll see why the price had to go up.

    Hope this helps clear up some things. If not, it's ok. I can guarantee you, we are not just like all the other big companies, trying to overcharge for our products. At least not yet. When this happens you'll know it.

  4. Tony

    @Eirik - What don't you like about it? Any pros? More solid like what? 15mm rods and connectors are basically the same across board. Maybe I'm missing something else that would have you to say that.

  5. imgpro615

    damn! and i thought jag35 were the last of the good guys...seems these guys are like the other formerly low cost gear offerings...they realise that they can charge ridiculous prices for anything DSLR related and then wonder why we shop from China...

  6. Tony

    Well, the DV runner rig isn't bad. We have 4 Panasonic TM-700 and 900 for outdoor sports that go nice with.

  7. David

    I was kinda disturbed by their replies to comments. Misa asking that person who asked about the price hike how come he thought it was $500 before.

    From their website perhaps: https://jag35.com/new/products/nab2011/

    I think he had a valid question. What justifies the price increase?

    I've been waiting for nearly 6 months for their wireless ff to come out only to find out it's $1500... very disappointed. Hocus Focus isn't much more and has a proven track record.

  8. What a rip off from Jag. The wireless focus V2 now is USD 1,500? Come on. They used to sell this at USD 600-700 ish.

    What happened? I don't even see the Zoom function being included also based on the picture at their website.

    Now I am really hoping the MicroRemote Focus from Redrock Micro is around this price so I can forget about this one.

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