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Most options for motion controlled sliders with automatic panning and fixed point shooting require battery power and the possibility of noisy motors. Kessler's Parallax on the other hand is a completely mechanical system that offers the same functionality of auto panning and fixed point tracking without worrying about carrying extra batteries or the introduction of noise.

The new Kessler Parallax system is available to work with almost every Kessler Slider (inquire before ordering). If you want to step up from manual operation, Kessler has also introduced the new UniDrive system. Combined with the Parallax you'll have continuous auto-looping fully automatic panning and fixed point shooting (not to mention advanced Time Lapse features). More information at KesslerCrane.com

Kessler Parallax for Kessler Sliders
Kessler Parallax System - Auto Panning Fixed Point Tracking for Kessler Sliders

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Camera Motion Research Came_80x80banner Varavon fvlighting

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We caught up with ProPrompter makers of popular high quality teleprompters and software as they showcase the HDi Pro2 for the iPad and other tablets and smart phones.

Product Highlights

  • Mobile Teleprompter Kit
  • For Use with Handheld or ENG Cameras
  • Studio-Quality 60/40 Beam Splitter Glass
  • 16:9 Wide ABS Plastic Hood/Mirror Box
  • Fabric Anti-Reflection Hood
  • Attachment for 15mm Rod System
  • Camera Bar with Removable Pistol Grip
  • Vertical Adjustment Rails
  • Minimal Setup & Breakdown Time
  • Military-Grade Waterproof Rolling Case
  • ProPrompterProPrompter-HDI
    find-price-button ProPrompter HDi Pro2 Teleprompter

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    Camera Motion Research Came_80x80banner Varavon fvlighting


    ALLEX,- the new tripod system for small cameras by Libec., provides greater usability than ever by perfectly performing the following three movements; pan, tilt, and slide.

    Libec's ALLEX system offers a combination of the head, tripod, and slider, which is very simple yet extremely convenient and effective for all shooting purposes at a surprisingly competitive price.

    “We’re excited to extend our legacy of making the best camera support systems in the world by introducing ALLEX to the growing U.S. market,” says Takuma Sudo, president of Libec Sales of America, Inc. “Owners of small DSLRs and early adopters of new styles of filmmaking are demanding high quality camera support, and the ALLEX new tripod system is based on Libec’s 60 years experience developing best-in-class equipment for professionals. No other manufacturer has ever developed a tripod and slider like ALLEX, as one integrated system.”

    Libec ALLEX Video Slider Tripod Fluid Head

    Pro Quality/Prosumer Price Point
    The system allows amateur DSLR users greater usability by allowing for pro level pan, tilt and slide camera movements. The ALLEX system includes three components, ALLEX H, a 75mm dual head, ALLEX T, a 75mm ball diameter lightweight (2.5kg/5.5lb) tripod and ALLEX S, a 30” slider. By the integration of all three components, The ALLEX system makes dynamic camera moves possible at a surprisingly affordable price.

    ALLEX Video Contest

    Create a three-minute video that shows us your most innovative video camera moves to win big! Different ALLEX kit prizes will be awarded to the five finalists that receive the most online votes. For complete contest details go to: https://www.libec-global.com/allex