NAB 2014: Kessler Parallax for Kessler Sliders

Most options for motion controlled sliders with automatic panning and fixed point shooting require battery power and the possibility of noisy motors. Kessler's Parallax on the other hand is a completely mechanical system that offers the same functionality of auto panning and fixed point tracking without worrying about carrying extra batteries or the introduction of noise.

The new Kessler Parallax system is available to work with almost every Kessler Slider (inquire before ordering). If you want to step up from manual operation, Kessler has also introduced the new UniDrive system. Combined with the Parallax you'll have continuous auto-looping fully automatic panning and fixed point shooting (not to mention advanced Time Lapse features). More information at

Kessler Parallax for Kessler Sliders
Kessler Parallax System - Auto Panning Fixed Point Tracking for Kessler Sliders

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4 thoughts on “NAB 2014: Kessler Parallax for Kessler Sliders

  1. Polar

    @sachin: was thinking the same thing. Am at the drawing board right now. Hopefully I'll have something to show very soon. Very ingenious, like the egg of Columbus. Wonder if there is more behind it then the videos and tutorials are showing. Like angles, dimensions, mathematics, etc ... ... Time will show :o)

  2. Doc Hutch

    This is ridiculously over priced. Keeping in focus when wide open with a shallow depth of field would be difficult as well.

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