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False LCDVF Advertisement on Amazon

Ok, I just wanted to point out something over at Amazon that needs some attention to prevent confusion. I don't want anyone getting confused on what they might think is a great deal. I've posted information about the 'LCDVF clone' and made it clear that it is definitely not the real LCDVF. You can find that article here: http://cheesycam.com/evil-little-lcdvf-twin-vs-lcdvf/

Sure quality is great for the cheap price it was sold out to be, I own one myself, but this ad over at Amazon looks quite suspicious. To me it looks like they purposely hid the box, and name of the product, and is hoping people will purchase the item with the intent that it is indeed the real LCDVF, while in fact it isn't. The MEIKE brand of the clone is labeled clearly on the box and on the pouch, but all images on this Amazon ad appears to be intentionally hiding that information. Whether you buy the real deal or not, that's totally up to you and your business, but I just wanted to point out to those looking to buy the REAL LCDVF, stay clear from this product advertisement: LCDVF LCD Viewfinder for Canon 5D,5D MarkII, 7D, Nikon Digital SLR Cameras by Cowboystudio

False Ad on Amazon

Hey, you might be thinking i'm a bit harsh on calling them out on this and sure they aren't blatantly stating it's the real deal. Now take a second to check out their eBay auction, and you'll see they are listing the same 'LCDVF Clone' and are hiding any reference to the Meike brand. One image is even using the actual LCDVF product with LCDVF logo stamped on the side! Yeah, that's going a bit too far with the trickery to make a sale...

click image for large view

If you're looking for the real deal LCDVF viewfinder, that can be found here: The Real LCDVF DSLR View Finder


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Wow, I forget there's two delivery times here. One in the morning and one in the afternoon. This afternoon, these items just arrived for me to talk about. First up is the DSLR Glass LCD Screen protector for the Canon 550D first introduced in this article here. Wow this thing is nice! The fit is very OEM like with beveled edges to keep the smooth look and feel. Quality is superb.

Available for 5D Mark II, 7D, and yes people even the 550D / T2i click images

Next up is the LCDVF 'Clone' or 'Replica'. Wow..Literally..WOW. I couldn't stop smiling when I opened the box. This is crazy..this is dead on exactly the same, I seriously could not find a casting flaw, an imperfect finish, or anything unusual about this item. I'd swear it was the real deal. If this isn't coming out of the same manufacturer, it's quite impressive how much this item has replicated every little detail of the real LCDVF.

Here's the link to the LCDVF Clone Viewfinders for DSLRs.

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Here's a pretty cool interesting tip!:
I received a comment earlier from someone else who had received the Glass LCD protector + LCDVF clone. They mentioned that when these two new items used together, it actually improved the viewable areas of the Canon 550D LCD without using a 3/2 version of an LCD Viewfinder. Now that I received mine, I had to test that theory out. The original 3" LCDVF design cropped a bit of the 550D LCD view by 1mm each side. You think you need a 3/2 version LCD Viewfinder? Think again. This odd combination seemed to work out and improves on correcting that 1mm crop on each side to just about a perfect view of the entire LCD.

View of LCDVF Clone + Glass LCD Protector on Canon 550D / T2i
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Find the LCDVF Viewfinder Replica following this link