More Stuff to talk about – Again??

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Wow, I forget there's two delivery times here. One in the morning and one in the afternoon. This afternoon, these items just arrived for me to talk about. First up is the DSLR Glass LCD Screen protector for the Canon 550D first introduced in this article here. Wow this thing is nice! The fit is very OEM like with beveled edges to keep the smooth look and feel. Quality is superb.

Available for 5D Mark II, 7D, and yes people even the 550D / T2i click images

Next up is the LCDVF 'Clone' or 'Replica'. Wow..Literally..WOW. I couldn't stop smiling when I opened the box. This is crazy..this is dead on exactly the same, I seriously could not find a casting flaw, an imperfect finish, or anything unusual about this item. I'd swear it was the real deal. If this isn't coming out of the same manufacturer, it's quite impressive how much this item has replicated every little detail of the real LCDVF.

Here's the link to the LCDVF Clone Viewfinders for DSLRs.

click for pricing

Here's a pretty cool interesting tip!:
I received a comment earlier from someone else who had received the Glass LCD protector + LCDVF clone. They mentioned that when these two new items used together, it actually improved the viewable areas of the Canon 550D LCD without using a 3/2 version of an LCD Viewfinder. Now that I received mine, I had to test that theory out. The original 3" LCDVF design cropped a bit of the 550D LCD view by 1mm each side. You think you need a 3/2 version LCD Viewfinder? Think again. This odd combination seemed to work out and improves on correcting that 1mm crop on each side to just about a perfect view of the entire LCD.

View of LCDVF Clone + Glass LCD Protector on Canon 550D / T2i
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Find the LCDVF Viewfinder Replica following this link

26 thoughts on “More Stuff to talk about – Again??

  1. Thanks, Emm. I don't think I'll mind the 1mm crop on each side vs. saving a load of cash. I'd mostly be using this for focusing...and focusing something on the periphery is not critical 🙂

  2. Emm

    Post author

    All 3" view finders will fit over the T2i with a 1mm crop on each side. The only one that perfectly fits is the LCDVF 3/2 version.

  3. OK, so, I'm still unclear on something...

    As a T2i owner, if I got the "GGS Pro Glass LCD Screen Protector for Canon 550D", which LCDVF CLONE should I get? Is it the "LCD viewfinder x2,8 for Canon EOS 5D MKII 7D 500D S90"?

    Thank you for everything you do!!!

  4. Laurens

    I ordered both the viewfinder and the glass protector and it kinda works. The screen protector is hard to apply, at least on my 7d. The little top part that slides over the two arches does not completely slide down. But, it seems to do the job. I have attached the metal frame of the viewfinder to the glass and it is holding for now. If it comes lose I will glue it to the glass in some way.

    The viewfinder is great!

  5. Emm

    Post author

    Haven't tried the 3/2 on the glass protector. I got the 3/2 right away and mounted the frame to the lcd. When it gives me problems of falls off i'll put it on the glass.

  6. Paul


    Just following up. I was waiting on the 3/2 knockoff but then I re-read this post. I like the idea of having this screen protector.

    Have you had the time to compare the lcdvf and the lcdvf 3/2 on this protector? If you don't think it makes a diff, then I may not wait any longer on the 3/2 knockoff.

    Thanks for all your work on this blog.


  7. Hey Emm,

    Yet another great post, can you just answer one question?

    On T2i/550D using this glass protector, which should I buy 3" lcdvf or 3/2 lcdvf?


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  9. Tony

    OK, bit it on this setup. I think I'm going to epoxy the "lcdvf" clone frame to the glass protector and see how that works. I'm still a little worried about not having a diopter since I wear readers...old guy...48... close up vision is starting to suck pretty bad...

    I figured if it doesn't work out, I'll have only dropped $70 instead of more than double that for something that didn't work. Also, does anyone know of a diopter standalone that might be fitted to this clone? That might be the final solution. Thanks for the heads up on this, even though technically it was me that gave you the heads up;... lol... and NO... I don't work or represent EITHER of the makers....


  10. Emm

    Post author

    The Glass Protector is pretty solid and won't come off easily. The problems people are having are the metal frames falling off. Of course you don't want to epoxy your camera lcd, so you can epoxy the metal frame to the glass protector. I wouldn't epoxy the LCD viewfinder unless you really wanted to.

  11. JayK

    Hey Emm,
    how robust is this solution? I don't want anything on my optical viefinder to break or so and I'm quite sure that canon didn't designed it to hold a protector plus LCDVF. But if the Viewfinder-mount (optical) would bear this combo, it'd be perfect!
    Can you tell anything to this?

    Greetings from germany

  12. Emm

    Post author

    Yes it's a layer of glass to protect the orginal LCD from being scratched when you throw it in your bag and stuff. It's a cool thing to have on, but also helps get a better view with a standard 3" LCD Viewfinder mounted to it for the T2i. Almost perfect view, just a teensy weensy bit off but better.

  13. Laurens

    Just to be clear, you are applying the metal mounting frame of the viewfinder to the glass protector ? How easy is it to add and remove the glass protector ? I might not want the glass and frame on the camera all the time (7d), but it seems a good solution for not glueing stuff directly to the camera

  14. Serge

    "Wow..Literally..WOW. I couldn’t stop smiling when I opened the box. This is crazy.."


  15. Beat me to it Emm, got both the viewfinder and glass protector last week, just didn't ship them to the same places.

    Thanks for the update!

  16. Jason

    Hey man, in regards to the LCD protector, does that top piece add a layer or glass onto the viewfinder or what is that? I cant quite tell. Thanks a lot emm, I can't stay away from your site and it seems I always have my credit card out when I load your page...GAH

  17. Andy

    Emm, can you confirm that the combination makes a perfect view with no cropped sides at all? I was waiting for the 3/2 copy to come out but I'll just get it now if this is true! thanks!

  18. Just ordered the glass protector. Are you going to slap the VF's magnet on it or epoxy it straight to the protector?

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