False AD – Buyer Beware – LCDVF Clone

False LCDVF Advertisement on Amazon

Ok, I just wanted to point out something over at Amazon that needs some attention to prevent confusion. I don't want anyone getting confused on what they might think is a great deal. I've posted information about the 'LCDVF clone' and made it clear that it is definitely not the real LCDVF. You can find that article here: http://cheesycam.com/evil-little-lcdvf-twin-vs-lcdvf/

Sure quality is great for the cheap price it was sold out to be, I own one myself, but this ad over at Amazon looks quite suspicious. To me it looks like they purposely hid the box, and name of the product, and is hoping people will purchase the item with the intent that it is indeed the real LCDVF, while in fact it isn't. The MEIKE brand of the clone is labeled clearly on the box and on the pouch, but all images on this Amazon ad appears to be intentionally hiding that information. Whether you buy the real deal or not, that's totally up to you and your business, but I just wanted to point out to those looking to buy the REAL LCDVF, stay clear from this product advertisement: LCDVF LCD Viewfinder for Canon 5D,5D MarkII, 7D, Nikon Digital SLR Cameras by Cowboystudio

False Ad on Amazon

Hey, you might be thinking i'm a bit harsh on calling them out on this and sure they aren't blatantly stating it's the real deal. Now take a second to check out their eBay auction, and you'll see they are listing the same 'LCDVF Clone' and are hiding any reference to the Meike brand. One image is even using the actual LCDVF product with LCDVF logo stamped on the side! Yeah, that's going a bit too far with the trickery to make a sale...

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If you're looking for the real deal LCDVF viewfinder, that can be found here: The Real LCDVF DSLR View Finder

6 thoughts on “False AD – Buyer Beware – LCDVF Clone

  1. Lensdude

    I am so glad to see this post!

    Its a shame that real products get copied, stolen or backwards engineered and then sold for less. These outfits have little research, development or testing costs. They just steal from real companies who actually spent money developing new products.

    The whole LCDVF saga and battle with these clone guys is a long, long story. Most of the clones ripped the design, the colors, even grabbed the actual LCDVF photos and descriptive text from the website. Its pretty blatant.

    Supposedly the actual glass is inferior to the real LCDVF, so is the plastic.

    LCDVF (the company) is trying to develop a new electronic viewfinder (currently under tight security). They have been hurt by these "clone" makers who steal their work. This means its harder for them to bring new products to the market: gear we all want. People keep asking the LCDVF guys "when are you bringing us something new?" Its difficult for this to happen when everyone supports the copycat clone guys instead of supporting the guys who actually developed the real product. If you make fewer sales then you have less capital to invest in new products. Its a vicious cycle.

    The "clone" makers just sit still and wait (like parasites who need the host to keep moving forward) until real companies release their products. The real companies then get criticized for being too expensive when compared with all the copycat guys. But the copycat guys have much smaller development expenses and pay their workers a fraction of what Zacuto/Redrock/Cinnivate etc are paying theirs.

  2. Serge

    Cowboy Studio was selling them for $59 the other day when a vimeo member names Caleb Pike showed a video of the A.S.S. shoulder mount being MADE BY THEM in TEXAS I pointed out it was made by Obteka in CHINA... I also pointed out the LCDVF was not the real one and they changed the name and up the price to $99 and my post has since been vanished on the LCDVF but the A.S.S shoulder support is still there.


  3. john

    Thanks for the heads up Emm.

    I know a few people that always buy from Amazon (never from eBay for some reason), hopefully they realize that it is a fake. Ill tell them to stay away.

    To Do,
    thats just wrong selling the clone as the real deal, that is bluntly ripping off the buyer and making use of LCDVF's name.
    IF you agree, then you too have some messed up morals and shady business practices.

  4. xlerate

    ...and from Cowboystudio also?
    I have bought a few things from there before, without issue and returned items without a problem.

    My Meike LCDVF clone came from China and as you stated, they are all labeled as such. (for sale now as I read the crop info after receiving.)

    That is very shoddy considering it is priced to suggest better than the clone, but less than the original which may definitely lead people to believe they are getting a deal on the original.

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